marinated sweet red bell peppers on a sandwich

Grilled Turkey And Cheese Sandwich With Roasted Marinated Red Peppers

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There are many thing you can do with roasted marinated sweet red peppers.  You can eat them plain and also add them to salads, to pizzas and to sandwiches.  Marinated red peppers make a great sandwich filling!

Tried of the usual lettuce and tomato in sandwiches?  Add the marinated roasted red peppers to your sandwich for a new delicious taste!

On the picture below, I’m in the process of making a delicious turkey and cheese sandwich, with added marinated peppers.  As you can see, here’s a slice of bread, topped with the slice of cheese, then a slice of turkey and then with the roasted red sweet peppers!

I took a picture before I covered this sandwich with another slice of bread, so you can see what’s inside :)
marinated sweet red bell peppers on a sandwich

After the turkey and cheese sandwich with roasted marinated sweet peppers was assembled, it went into a panini press.  It went from being a plain sandwich to being a grilled sandwich!  The panini press makes it hot, crispy and creates gorgeous grill marks!

Marinated roasted sweet grilled peppers make this grilled turkey and cheese panini taste so gourmet, so unique and so yummy!

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