Marinated Grilled Sweet Red Peppers From Costco

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a jar of marinated grilled roasted red peppers from costco

Marinated roasted red peppers are a great thing to have in your pantry.  These yummy peppers make an instant appetizer or side dish.  If you think that marinated roasted sweet peppers are expensive, I have great news – I have found marinated peppers in Costco that cost less than half price of what I see in regular grocery stores!

The marinated roasted red peppers from Costco are Del Destino brand, and they are call “Grilled Sweet Piquillo Peppers”.  I don’t know what are the piquillo peppers, but they look and taste like regular marinated roasted red bell peppers to me.  These red peppers taste great!  They have great texture and great flavor!

The ingredients on the label are: Piquillo Peppers, water, sugar, salt, citric acid – pretty straight-forward stuff, no weird food colorings and bizzare chemicals.  The marinated red peppers are healthy food – according to the nutritional information on the label, 3 peppers have 39 calories, 25% of daily value of vitamin A and a 90% of daily value of vitamin C – who would think that the canned stuff can be so good for you!

The label from Del Destino Grilled Sweet Piquillo Peppers also has “Delicious Tips” section that says: ” Del Destino Grilled Sweet Piquillo Peppers spectacular for many usses.  Its sweet flavor is delicious with:sandwiches, pizza toppings, pastas, salads, vegetarian cuisine, accompanying meat, chicken or seafood.  Save the liquid! It’s just great as salad dressing!”  Yum – yum, what great ideas!

Everything in Costco is large, and these peppers are no exception.  The jar of these marinated red peppers from Costco is 2 lbs.  It’s big, but these peppers go really quickly – mine were gone in a week.

Once the jar with peppers is opened, it moves to the fridge, where it can stay fresh for several weeks.  The key to keeping the peppers fresh in the open jar is to only use a clean fork or spoon to get the peppers out.  Don’t put your fingers in a jar to fish out the peppers!  Don’t put the same fork or spoon in the jar after you put it in your mouth!  Using only a clean fork or spoon will keep the bacteria away and the marinated red sweet bell peppers will remain fresh in the refrigerator for weeks.

Here’s the picture of the Del Destino marinated peppers on a plate:

red marinated peppers from Costco on a plate

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  1. Thanks for some ideas on food from costco, i shop there every once in awhile, and the products are king kong, so its great to get ideas on recipes.
    please send me emails :) kathy

  2. your post. I’ve bought these red peppers from Costco for a few years now. They used to last much long in the frig but recently they go bad in a week or less. The same thing happens with Del Dostino’s artichokes they sell at Costco also. I’m sorry but this has absolutely nothing to do with using a fork more than once.
    Yes a dirty fork might taint the solution they are in but I’ve never used a dirty or used for even one time and they still go bad. I’ve bought a few jars now to test this and they have all been going bad. It must be a new process how they are preserving them. Since I mostly use these for omlettes I may try to freeze them next before I give up.

  3. I would like a complete list of all stores in the Dallas TX area who handle Del Destino grilled sweet peppers and other similar grilled veggies. Costco is supposed to, but they are always out and I shop there at least 1 or 2 times a week. Please advise of a more reliable store or other source.

  4. Shelf life when refrigerated seems short (10 days stated on jar), Can you freeze them without changing the texture and taste of the pepper?

  5. Hi Morgan,
    I don’t think you can freeze them without changing the texture – they are already soft, so I’m guessing that freezing will make them mushy. If the peppers are approaching expiration time, you can use them up by cutting into pieces and putting in a stir-fry.

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