Del Destino Grilled Vegetables Mix From Costco

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del destino grilled vegetable mix jar

Del Destino Grilled Vegetable Mix is a great way to serve the instant vegetable side dish with your meal.  Costco sells this product in a 32 oz jar.  Store a jar of Del Destino Grilled Vegetables in your pantry, and it will come in very handy when you don’t have any fresh vegetables around.   Another great thing about these grilled veggies is until you open them, they don’t take up any freezer or refrigerator space.

The vegetable ingredients of Del Destino Grilled Vegetable Mix are piquillo peppers, artichokes, zucchini and eggplant.  These vegetables are grilled and then marinated.  This grilled vegetable mix tastes superb!

In addition to just eating these marinated veggies as is, there are some other great serving ideas on the package: you can eat them on sandwiches, use as a pizza topping and add to pastas and salads.  Plus the liquid from the Del Destino veggies can be used as a yummy salad dressing!

Here’s the nutritional information for Del Destino Grilled Vegetable Mix: serving size 1/4 cup, 30 calories, 2 g fat, zero saturated fat, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, 150 mg sodium, 3 g total carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 2 g sugar, 1 g protein, 6% Vitamin C.

Here’s the picture of Del Destino grilled vegetables on a plate:

del destino grilled vegetables on a plate

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  1. We used to buy Del Destino Grilled Vegetable Mix at our local Costco in San Antonio but they stopped stocking it. Can you tell us if it will ever be available in San Antonio Texas again?

    Thank you

  2. You’ll have to call your local Costco to find out about product availability. Last time I was at our Costco in Chicago they didn’t have them either. I hope they are not discontinued!

  3. I have checked three Costco’s in South Florida…The North Miami Beach store, Coral Springs store & Davie Store and can not find the Grilled vegetables by Del Destino. How come they are not stocking it? I had asked and the management said they didn’t have it nor know why they aren’t carrying it. PLEASE help us get what we want….Thank you!!!

  4. Last week I was at Costco and they didn’t have these Del Destino grilled vegetables, but now they had Del Destino peppers that are also really tasty. Stuff from Costco always comes and goes…

  5. We purchased Del Destino Grilled Vegetable Mix yesterday at Costco in Brandon, FL, so maybe they are carrying it again in other stores.

  6. I’m in Murrells Inlet SC, they have discontinued it here. Email Costco customer service and request they reinstate the product.

  7. Cosco in Union, New Jersey do not carry this product any longer. It has been
    about 2/3 years since they carried it. Where else can it be purchased?

  8. We’re can I get them. Costco in Brandon stop carrying them .please let me know in he 33573 zip area. I love them. Like to eat in toasted pockets. TOM W

  9. Costco has dicontinued the product and is the importer. They closed them out at Dollar Tree and they said Costco has not requested they restock the product. What a shame!

  10. WENT TO COSTCO IN KNOXVILLE TN TO PURCHASE (4/1/2015) was told they returned to vendor as was not selling….:(…………where else can we purchase…love them..thank you…

  11. When will Costco be carrying the Del Destino Grilled Vegetable Mix again – Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, or Plantation, Florida stores

    1. I just purchased the Del Destino Grilled Vegetables 2 lb jar in Costco Lantana FL. They have plenty in this location.

  12. I’ve been waiting forever to get Del Destino Grilled Veggies Mix at costco again! I hope it’s back on the shelves soon.
    Any idea where else to find it? (South Florida)

  13. February 2020. Costco Sarasota has them back in stock! Yes, I stocked up on them. Tonight I plan on using them in a quick orzo salad with grilled grouper. Can’t wait

  14. I picked up a jar of the grilled veggies yesterday (7/22/20) at the Costco in Greensboro, NC. I can’t wait to try them. ?

  15. I recently purchased these at Costco for a party, and I was very disappointed. I put the veggies on my crudité/veggie tray, but hardly anyone ate them. When I tasted them, the only thing I could taste was oil, plus there was SO much oil in the jar, I had to pour it out before I could get any veggies out. Now I’m stuck with a bunch of flavorless grilled veggies. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can redeem them? Or any good recipes to use them in? I hate to just return the jar to Costco for a refund.

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