costco seaweed salad

Seaweed Salad From Costco

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costco seaweed salad

I love seaweed salad! When I go to Japanese restaurants, I often get a seaweed salad for an appetizer.  Regular supermarkets don’t usually carry seaweed salad, so if I want to have my seaweed salad fix, I’d have to go to a restaurant (like Benihana) and pay restaurant prices.   That’s why I was so excited when I saw seaweed salad for sale at Costco!

Costco is selling seaweed salad of Azumagourmet brand.  The Costco seaweed salad is in a refrigerated section, in a plastic container that’s a little under 2 lbs (28 oz to be exact).  The description on the Costco seaweed salad container is “Azumagourmet Seaweed Salad – Asian style salads fresh from the sea!  The two major components of this delicious, traditional favorite are the quality of the seaweed and the style of the seasoning.  Azumagroumet Seaweed Salad is packed with valueable nutrients and is low in calories and fat.  Enjoy! Eat healthy!”.

This seaweed salad from Costco tastes exactly like the seaweed salad from restaurants.  When I bought this seaweed salad, I was worried that it will have a “canned” taste, but it turned out to be a perfect fresh yummy seaweed salad.  This 28 oz container of the seaweed salad is $11.99, and it’s enough seaweed salad to serve a crowd!  Considering the fact that a small seaweed salad appetizer at a restaurant is at least $3.99, the Costco seaweed salad is a real bargain.

Seaweed salad is really healthy! The nutritional information of seaweed salad from Costco is 30 calories, 2.5 g fat, zero cholesterol, 140mg sodium, 3 g carb, 1 g protein, 1% vitamin C, 4% of calcium, 2% of iron (per 2 oz serving).

Here’s the picture of the lid from Azumagourmet seaweed salad:

azumagourmet seaweed salad from Costco

And here’s the closeup of the seaweed salad – yum!

seaweed salad closeup picture photo

This seaweed salad goes so well with homemade california sushi rolls!  Check out my step-by-step recipe how to make california rolls.

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22 replies
  1. Tay
    Tay says:

    I didn’t know Costco sold seaweed salad! There is a small sushi section in my grocery store (HEB) and even there it is expensive, around $5 for a single portion. I was hoping to find an affordable way to have this in my weekly diet, because it’s so healthy and yummy. I’m getting some today. Thank you for blogging this!

  2. lissa
    lissa says:

    I bought this salad a couple days ago and just went to open it. It had no tamper proof anything on it and the lid just popped off. Is that how your package was? It smells great but I’m concerned about eating it. Thanks

  3. Melanie Mendelson
    Melanie Mendelson says:

    Hi Lissa,
    One of the corners of the lid has some plastic piece that needs to be broken off before the lid opens. There is no other seal under the lid.
    If in doubt, just take it back to the store and exchange for another package.

  4. AC
    AC says:

    I love seaweed salad too but have not purchased even at Asian stores since all the ones I’ve seen so far contain artificial food colouring. Dyes like blue and yellow # (I don’t remember what the #s were) are in the seaweed salad. Can you please check the brand you got from Costco and see if there are artifical food colouring dyes in the ingredients? I really would love to find some that have none of that junk in there. Thanks!

  5. Melanie Mendelson
    Melanie Mendelson says:

    Hi AC,
    I don’t have this seaweed salad at my house right now, but once I buy it again, I’ll check the ingredients and let you know.

  6. Josie Salvacion
    Josie Salvacion says:

    Where can we buy this type of seaweed. I want to make this type of salad. I’ve tasted this salad oh my god. it tastes delicious.

  7. louise
    louise says:

    The Costco seaweed salad is VERY good…unfortunately full of unhealthy additives and artificial colorants…I am not going to buy it again

  8. Alyah
    Alyah says:

    I happened try a sample of this at Costco and was surprised at how delicious it was!! It tastes just like the one I buy when I go to the sushi restaurants. If this one has dye and additives, I wonder if the restaurants also add anything in their’s?

  9. Frances
    Frances says:

    let Costco know you don’t want the additives and dyes in it. Either go to their website or, next time you are in the store leave a suggestion in their comment box. These in-store comments are sent to head office. If they get enough comments they will look into the matter.

  10. Paula Askin
    Paula Askin says:

    What is so healthy about it? And why does it need to be colored flourescent green. Seaweed by itself is healthier- generally no fat and low calorie, with iron, vitamin A and C, but this has added salt, sugar sesame and vinegar. So it tastes “good” but doesn’t really taste like seaweed. It has added inosinate and guanylate and it doesn’t say what kind of seaweed it is. That would be like packaging and selling “vegetable” with additives. Just because Japanese restaurants serve it, dorsn’t make it good.

    • krystina
      krystina says:

      it does have sugar,salt soy sauce but also Spirulina which is so good for you. First time I ate some of this salad I got super energy.!like I was high on something.

  11. F- perry
    F- perry says:

    Can’t find an expiring date on the box of Seaweed salad.

    all I can read is

    “To keep refrigerated, perishable –
    t it has to be used within 5-7 days after opening.”

    So How long can I keep it in the fridge unopened?

  12. Catalin
    Catalin says:

    I opened my Seaweed box about 3 months ago and kept it in the fridge all the time. It is still good. The vinegar must be acting like a preservative as it has not rotted. I add some in my lettuce/tomato/cucumber/onion salad from time to time.

  13. Cassandre
    Cassandre says:

    I was not aware that costco had some! I normally buy them from the asian supermarket in the town over! And I do not understand why people are upset with the food colouring? Very many foods have artificial colouring in it and I’m pretty sure that it’s fine? But seaweed salad tastes great! (there is no point to it without the added ingredients as the taste would be completely different)

  14. Ngokinh
    Ngokinh says:

    I’ve been to Costco at Katy Fwy and Bunker Hill, but I cannot find the seaweed salad. Can you tell me where to look? I’ve checked the refrigerated section by the prepared food/deli and the coolers. Please help.

  15. AM
    AM says:

    People: If you know Costco, then you know they don’t carry every product the year ’round. You just need to keep checking.


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