Yummy Natural Chicken Breast Nuggets From Costco

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yummy brand chicken breast nuggets package

“Yummy” is the brand of the chicken nuggets :) On my recent trip to Costco I bought these chicken nuggets for my kids.  These are 100% All Natural Chicken Breast Nuggets.  The company that makes Yummy brand package foods is Maxi Canada, Inc.

The package describes these chicken nuggets as breaded nugget-shaped chicken breast patties with rib meat.  Made with white meat only.  No hormones.  No preservatives.  Minimally processed.  No artificial ingredients.  Sounds good to me!

Here are the main nutritional facts for Yummy 100% All Natural Chicken Breast Nuggets, per 4 nuggets: 180 calories, 7 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, zero trans fat, 13 grams of protein.  That’s really pretty good for a serving of meat that your kids will actually eat :)  Chicken nuggets are usually regarded as junk food, but I disagree.  I pack chicken nuggets in my kids school lunch boxes without guilt.  Chicken nuggets is meat, period.  Chicken nuggets have protein and actually make the kids full.

You can cook chicken nuggets in either a microwave or conventional oven.  I always opt for the microwave – just pop in the chicken nuggets, press the 1 minute button, and they are hot and ready.

The Yummy 100% All Natural Chicken Breast Nuggets package that I got at Costco is 5 lbs, and inside the box there is a resealable plastic bag with chicken nuggets.  Just put that bag of chicken nuggets in a freezer, and you’ll have a great supply of chicken nuggets for quite some time.  Go ahead and add chicken nuggets to your list of kids school lunch box ideas!

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  1. Hi my name is Cindy and I have a 9 year old newphew, and this is the only breast chicken nuggets he eats, but the sad thing is they are no longer for sale in the same green box, only the new red box, not the same taste or look, so if anybody know where to buy them let me know please, we love you yummy yummy.

  2. Hi, I have the same problem now. Finally found a chicken nugget that is pretty healthy, that my son will eat, and they have pulled it off the shelves and replaced with the red box ones. Have you found the green box anywhere? He does not like the other ones.

  3. I LOVE this brand of chicken nuggets and wouldnt you know when I finally got hooked our Costco here in Independence MO no longer is carrying them. Please Please someone tell me where I can purchase this brand of chicken nuggets. Costco replaced them with Tyson Panko Chicken nuggets and they are NOT the same.

  4. Please tell me where I can buy these chicken nuggets. I live in Florida and can’t find them anywhere. They are the only nuggets that my family likes and ever since we left Omaha, NE where I purchased them from CostcoI hhaven’t been able to find them. Please help me!

  5. If you are lucky enough to live near a Sprouts Farmer’s Market they sell them in the red box…they are delicious. Sprout is opening lots of new stores in 2015.

  6. I eat chicken nuggets every night and just love them. They are REALLY good. They help me keep my weight in check and I recommend the without reservation to absolutely everybody!

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