keep chicken nuggets from getting soggy

How To Keep Microwaved Frozen Chicken Nuggets From Getting Soggy

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keep chicken nuggets from getting soggy

If you prepare chicken nuggets in the microwave, do you ever get soggy chicken nuggets? Do you wonder why are the chicken nuggets getting soggy?

Well, the good news is that there is a very simple trick to keep chicken nuggets from getting soggy.  The trick is – put a paper towel under the chicken nuggets when you microwave them!

What I do is I put a sheet of paper towel on a microwave-safe plate, then put the chicken nuggets on that paper towel in a single layer.  Microwave it until the chicken nuggets are hot.  After the chicken nuggets are cooked, put them on another plate and throw out the paper towel.  You will get tasty chicken nuggets that are not soggy at all!

What is the secret behind the paper towel trick?  Well, think about what causes the chicken nuggets to be soggy – it’s the excess moisture.  The chicken nuggets are frozen, and when you microwave them, they get thawed and the moisture from the thawing process get trapped under the chicken nuggets, between the nuggets and the plate.  That’s how the chicken nuggets get wet and slimy on the bottom.

When you put a paper towel under the chicken nuggets, the paper towel absorbs the excess moisture.  It draws the moisture away from the chicken nuggets, and as a result the chicken nuggets stay dry!  When you microwave the chicken nuggets on the paper towel, feel the paper towel after that – it will be quite damp!

So now you know how to make dry and tasty chicken nuggets in a microwave!  Also, did you know that not all chicken nuggets are unhealthy?  Some brands of chicken nuggets are much healthier than others – check out healthy frozen chicken nuggets that I like to buy.

chicken nuggets on the plate

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  1. John
    John says:

    Thanks for the tips! I kept wondering about this myself and this has been preventing me from eating microwaved chicken nuggets for long.


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