del destino south american salsa from costco

Del Destino South American Salsa From Costco

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del destino south american salsa from costco

On a recent trip to Costco, I saw this new Del Destino South American Salsa. I love salsa, and the tagline “A Sweet Heat” looked very tempting – I could already imagine that sweet and spicy taste in my mouth!  I bought this South American Salsa, and it was even tastier than I imagined!

I also enjoy other Del Destino products, such as Del Destino Grilled Vegetables and Dell Destino Piquillo Peppers, and now I really like this South American Salsa!  It’s so yummy – and best of all, no work is required!  I don’t need to shop for exotic vegetables, and I don’t need to chop them – all I have to do to enjoy this yummy South American Salsa is to open a jar :)

Del Destino South American Salsa is made with papaya, sweet piquillo pepper and pineapple.  It is sweet and spicy at the same time – when you first taste it, it is sweet, and then you get this spicy taste in your mouth that keeps you wanting to eat another spoon of this yummy salsa!  This salsa is really delicious and additive, and perfect with crunchy chips, or as a topping for chicken, meat or fish, also great on burgers or you can simply serve it as a side dish.

Del Destino South American Salsa is very healthy – it only has 25 calories and 1 g of fat in a serving of 2 tbsp.  Enjoy this yummy salsa that has a tropical punch of flavor and makes any bland meal come to life!

Here’s the picture of Del Destino South American Salsa in a bowl:

south american salsa in a bowl

Another great similar salsa from Costco is Chachies Mango Peach Salsa – it’s also sweet and spicy and really yummy!  Also, check out my homemade easy mango salsa recipe – yum!

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    We just used up our last jar, i stocked up on 6 jars last fall. It has not returned to Costco and ma afraid it will not. It is fantastic on Mahi or anything else you can think of. I can’t even find anywhere online to buy this delicious salsa! :-(


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