chocolate dilemma cheesecake from trader joe's store

Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake From Trader Joe’s

chocolate dilemma cheesecake from trader joe's store

I like to bake, so I rarely buy cakes at the store.  However, if I need a good dessert and don’t have time or energy to make it myself, I go for the Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake From Trader Joe’s.

Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake is sold in the freezer dessert isle of the Trader Joe’s grocery store.  This cheesecake is already pre-sliced into 8 slices.  There are 4 different cheesecake flavors in the Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake, so there are 2 slices of each flavor.  The flavors are: tuxedo, chocolate chip, triple chocolate and plain.  That’s why it’s a “Dilemma” – which slice to choose :)

All 4 flavors of the Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake are delicious, so you can’t go wrong with either of them.  As a chocolate lover, I tend to go for the triple chocolate :)

Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake tastes better than most restaurant cheesecakes.  If you got burned with store-bought cheesecakes before and decided not to buy them anymore, give Chocolate Dilemma a chance.  Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake from Trader Joe’s is an effortless way to put an impressive-looking and great-tasting dessert on the table.

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