whole foods turkey breast

Roasted Turkey Breast From Whole Foods

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roasted turkey breast from whole foods

Whole Foods sells excellent freshly roasted turkey breast.  Whole foods roast turkey is sold in their deli department, right by the prepared salads.

Most people buy that roasted turkey breast for sandwiches – when I wait in line in the Whole Foods deli, I always see that roast turkey being sliced into thin sandwich-style slices.  I buy the Whole Foods roasted turkey breast to serve for dinner as a main dish!

Whole Foods roast turkey breast is no ordinary deli turkey.  The difference between the Whole Foods freshly roasted turkey and the ordinary deli turkey is that Whole Foods turkey is roasted at the Whole Foods store kitchen, not at the factory.  The Whole Foods turkey breast is the same kind of turkey you would roast yourself in your oven – no preservatives, just fresh turkey.  Regular deli turkey is loaded with preservatives and tastes different from freshly roasted turkey, so it’s only good enough for sandwiches.  Whole Foods roast turkey breast is good enough to be served for dinner and letting the turkey taste shine!

To have the roast turkey breast carved into dinner slices, as the deli person at Whole Foods to slice your turkey into half-inch slices.  They even show you the first slice to make sure that’s exactly what you wanted.

The turkey slices from Whole Foods are tastier than roast turkey breast from most restaurant.s  Whole Foods roast turkey breast is juicy and tender, and makes an excellent dinner without the hassle of cooking the turkey!

There are 4 different types of roast turkey breast in Whole Foods: Garlic Rosemary turkey, Oven Roasted turkey, Vesuvio Roast turkey and Pepper Roasted turkey.  All of them are equally good!

I serve the thick slices of roast turkey breast with the jarred whole berry cranberry sauce.  Oven roasted sweet potatoes make an excellent side dish for the turkey.  On the photo on top of this page, there is also a side dish of oven roasted broccoli in addition to sweet potatoes.  Roasted turkey breast from Whole Foods is my go-to dinner staple – it’s healthy, tasty and already cooked… perfect dinner.

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