Dried Orange Slices – Dry Mandarin Oranges From Costco

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dried mandarine oranges fruit slices

Dried orange slices are extremely tasty.  They have such concentrated orange taste!  If you like citrus, you will love chewing these dry mandarin oranges for a burst of orange flavor in your mouth!

I bought this package of dried mandarin orange slices at Costco.  The brand of these dried oranges is Nature’s Finest and the package size is 20 oz.  Here’s the description of these dry orange slices from the package:

“Nature’s Finest Dried Mandarin Oranges are delicious bite size snacks!  You can put them in your cereal, salad, yogurt or eat them alone as a healthy fruit snack.  The succulent and natural taste of the orange comes from being grown in rich soil and prime ecological conditions.  Nature’s Finest Mandarin Oranges also have antioxidants like being High in Vitamin C.  You get nothing but the highest quality of foods form Nature’s Finest so please enjoy our mandarin oranges today!”

Here’s the nutritional information for these dried oranges from Costco: serving size 1/4 cup, 100 calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol, 35 mg sodium, 26 g total carbohydrate, 1 gram of fiber, 21 g sugar, zero protein, 20% vitamin C, 2% calcium, 2% iron.  These yummy dried oranges are fat free and are a great source of vitamin C!

Until I saw these dried mandarin oranges in Costco, I’ve never seen dry oranges before!  When I saw them, I knew immediately that I had to try them :)  I bought these orange slices, and they turned out to be outstanding!  We ate the whole bag in a couple of days!

Here’s the picture of these slices of dried oranges on a plate:

dried oranges slices

Other great dried fruit that I always buy at Costco are Costco dried mango, Mariani dried apricots and Craisins dried cranberries.

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  1. Just made sooner today. Took five mandarin oranges in sections on a perforated pizza pan in 200 degree F oven for just over an hour. So so easy, so delicious ready for dipping in chocolate, great Xmas gifts. Also made candied orange peel from a google recipe, but didn’t dip them in sugar,dried to a soft chewy peel again ready for dipping in chocolate. So easy

  2. A follow up to the orange slices, I dipped some in chocolate and left the rest on counter for a week. The ones on counter have spoiled and the ones in fridge don’t look very good either. You would have to make and serve within a few days . Thought I should share that so some don’t make them for presents. I only half dipped the oranges slices don’t know If totally immersing them would make a difference. Will try to candy them first before drying but doubt it will work on such soft fruit . Hope this helps.theorange peel is great though don’t dry them too hard.

  3. TRY drying thin Lemon slices till they are crispy, They are good to add to a drink to add a slight lemony flavor to water.

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