marinated roasted red peppers on a plate

Marinated Roasted Red Sweet Bell Peppers

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marinated roasted red peppers on a plate

Marinated roasted red bell peppers is a great item to have on hand.   I usually have at least 1 jar of marinated sweet red peppers in my pantry.  These things can keep for years.  You never know when you’ll need some marinated roasted peppers, so make sure you have a jar of them too :)

Marinated roasted red peppers is a great side vegetable.  If I don’t have time or energy to make a salad to go with my dinner, I’ll open a jar of roasted marinated red bell peppers. Also, if it’s been a while since my last grocery shopping and I ran out of all the fresh vegetables, it will be the time to serve the marinated red peppers!

Good marinated peppers have a complex taste – a hint of sweet, a hint of sour, a hint of garlic and a hint of spice.  The peppers should also have great texture that you can still feel when you bite into the pepper.  Properly marinated bell pepper should have a texture of a pepper (similarly to a properly stir-fried pepper), not a mush.

In addition to serving marinated roasted sweet peppers as a side vegetable, these peppers can also be served as an appetizer, as a salad ingredient and as a sandwich filling.  If you like roasted marinated red peppers, you’ll always find a way to eat them – just use your imagination!

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