White Corn Tortillas

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white corn tortillas

When I saw these white corn tortillas at the supermarket, they caught my eye simply because I’m so used to corn tortillas being yellow.  In my mind, the white tortillas are flour tortillas and the yellow tortillas are corn tortillas.  So when I saw “white corn tortillas”, I simply had to try them :)

After that, I did some Internet research and found out that in Mexico white corn tortillas are more desirable than yellow corn tortillas.  White corn supposedly produces the best flavor and texture in a tortilla, so the white corn tortillas are more expensive then yellow.

However, when I tried those white corn tortillas, I couldn’t tell any difference between them and the usual yellow corn tortillas.  To me they tasted exactly the same :)  Maybe if I tasted white and yellow corn tortillas side by side, I’d be able to tell a difference, but by simply tasting the white ones, I didn’t notice anything special.  So unless you are a sophisticated tortilla tester, the color of the corn tortilla doesn’t really matter.

If you are looking for some great recipes to try with your corn tortillas (white or yellow), check out how to make quesadillas, how to make fajitas and how to make enchiladas.  With these yummy recipes, you’ll use up those tortillas in no time!

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