white cucumber

White Cucumbers

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white cucumber

In the summer I planted a bunch of tomatoes and cucumbers, and when they grew, one of the cucumber plants had huge white cucumbers like you see on the picture above!  I’m so used to green cucumbers that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a white cucumber.  I’ve never seen white cucumbers before and didn’t even know they existed :)

When I first saw a white cucumber, I thought that it was either a different plant (like some weird squash) or a cucumber that was defective :)  I was reluctant to eat this unknown vegetable until I find out for sure what it is.  So I went online and searched for “white cucumber” and found out that white cucumbers do exist!  White cucumber is just a variety of cucumber.  One of the cucumber plants that I planted what the white cucumber variety, and I didn’t even know it until it produced the cucumbers.

Once I knew that I could safely eat this white cucumber, I made a salad out of it.  This cucumber was huge, so it made the whole bowl of salad (for this salad, I mixed chopped cucumber with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper).  It was a really yummy cucumber, and the salad was great!

What does white cucumber taste like?  White cucumber tastes a little bit different from the green cucumber.  The white cucumber was really crispy and had sour notes, as if it was sprinkled with lemon juice.  I really liked the taste of a white cucumber and we enjoyed many more white cucumbers from that plant through the end of the summer.

Here’s the picture of the white cucumber being chopped:

chopping white cucumber on a cutting board

And here’s the picture of white cucumber and tomato salad:

white cucumber salad

If you like cucumbers, check out my cucumber lemon salad recipe.  Another one of my favorite cucumber varieties is English cucumber – if you haven’t tried it, give it a try, as it’s seedless, crispy and yummy.

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