How To Eat Herring

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This is the picture of a package of Salted Herring Fillet In Oil.  What is a herring? Herring is the name of the fish.  When most people think of herring, they think of the way the herring fish is prepared – salted and pickled.

Herring is certainly an exotic food that only some people dare to try.  I like herring because I grew up in Russia where herring is a very common food.

Not all herring is created equal.  Herring’s taste depends on how it was pickled – there are apparently many different methods of preserving herring.  My favorite kind of herring is the Zigmas brand, as shown on the first picture.

Once you open a package of herring, here’s what you see:

opened package of herring fillets

These herring fillets have no bones in them, and taste salty and marinated.

Herring goes great with potatoes.  Potatoes and herring are a pair of foods that are made for each other.  If I eat herring, I always have it with potatoes.

Just get the herring out of the package and discard the oil in the package.  Serve the herring fillet with some piping hot potatoes!


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  1. I make what my mom calls “schmaltz herring.” (google it, you’ll find me :-)

    I keep the oil, slice up the fish and slice up a small onion – let it sit overnight and Mmmmmmmm.

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