philadelphia cream cheese honey nut flavor

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Honey Nut Flavor

philadelphia cream cheese honey nut flavor

Philadelphia Cream Cheese - Honey Nut Flavor

When it comes to cream cheese, I’m a brand snob.  I don’t care about brands in many types of food, but always stick to Philadelphia when buying cream cheese. Philadelphia cream cheese tastes so much better than any other cream cheese brands that I tried.

My favorite flavor of Philadelphia Cream Cheese is Honey Nut Flavor.  This cream cheese is sweet and has a hint of honey, just like it should :) It even has small pieces of real nuts!  Great flavor and great texture makes a perfect cream cheese spread!

The local supermarkets don’t always have the Philadelphia honey nut flavor cream cheese.  They constantly have other flavors (like strawberry, salmon and garden flavor), but not my favorite Honey Nut! I always get worried that it got discontinued!  But then I see the Honey Nut cream cheese back on the store shelves, and quickly buy it before it disappears again.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Honey Nut Flavor spread on a warm toasted bagel makes such a tasty breakfast.  I love the Honey Nut flavor cream cheese so much that I often it is with a spoon!  It’s also great on waffles and toast.  Yum!

philadelphia honey nut cream cheese

Open package of Philadelphia Honey Nut Flavor Cream Cheese

Spreading cream cheese with a knife

Getting ready to spread that cream cheese with a knife!

bagel spread with cream cheese

Split bun spread with cream cheese on a pretty plate!

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13 replies
  1. Rita
    Rita says:

    Now I have to go try and find honey Nut Cream cheese; I am not a big fan of bagels and prefer toasts. I love that photo of you, Melanie holding the pizza. Everytime I come here, I feel you are greeting me in your kitchen.

  2. Jill | Dulce Dough
    Jill | Dulce Dough says:

    I think just about every other recipe I post on my blog has cream cheese in it! Love the stuff, and I always get Philadelphia brand too. I have never seen the Honey Nut variety–I will have to look for it!

  3. Von
    Von says:

    I only ever use cream cheese for cheesecakes, so I don’t really know what different brands of cream cheese taste like! haha…I usually buy Philadelphia too, because it’s almost the only brand that’s available in the supermarkets I go to! The Philadelphia Cream Cheese Honey Nut Flavor sounds delicious though- I might have to jeep my eye out for this next time I’m looking for cream cheese ;)

  4. Hotly Spiced
    Hotly Spiced says:

    I always be Philadelphia brand too. I’d be nervous trying anything else. But I don’t think we can buy flavoured Philly here – we just have the plain cream cheese available.

  5. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese just got new packaging and rebranded this cream cheese as Honey Pecan. I don’t know if it’s just me but they must be using a new recipe it’s creamier and wayyy sweeter as of Aug 2014, and i can’t eat it, it’s not the same. Hopefully they change it back! If anyone else notices please let me know because i want to know if i’m going crazy.


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