Bagel With Cream Cheese

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bagel with cream cheese

Bagel with cream cheese is such an easy to make and tasty breakfast!  Bagel with cream cheese is as good as its ingredients – to make it super yummy, you need to start with a great bagel and spread it with an excellent cream cheese.

The best bagels are the bakery fresh bagels.  The second best are the supermarket bagels that are sold in the bread isle.  Frozen bagels are the last resort :)

You can have a plain bagel or a bagel with toppings and flavorings.  I love blueberry bagels, cinnamon raisin bagels and poppyseed bagels!  Generally, I like to have just one thing to be flavored – either the bagel or the cream cheese.   If you are using a flavored bagel, stick with the plain cream cheese.  If using a plain bagel, go crazy with the flavored cream cheese.  When it comes to cream cheese, I love the Philadelphia brand – they have really tasty plain cheese as well as flavored.  Check out my page on my favorite Philadelphia flavored cream cheese.

How many calories are in a bagel with cream cheese?  Well, it depends on what kind of bagel and what kind of cream cheese :)  Small bagels can be around 150 calories, and huge bakery bagels can be as much as 400 calories!  Same goes for cream cheese – low fat cream cheese is 35 calories per tablespoon and regular cream cheese is 50 calories per tablespoon.  It usually takes about 2 tbsp of cream cheese to spread on a bagel.  If you are using a small bagel with low fat cream cheese, it will total about 220 calories, and an extra large bagel with regular cream cheese can be 500 calories.  A medium bagel will be something in between :)

Bagel with cream cheese is a balanced and filling breakfast – the protein in cream cheese really keeps you full until lunch.  And you can make bagels with cream cheese as healthy as you want it to be.  To cut the calories in a bagel with cream cheese, use smaller bagel and less cream cheese :)  The healthiest bagel I know is Thomas Bagel Thins – they are only 110 calories and taste great!

Bagel With Cream Cheese


  • 1 bagel
  • 2 tbsp cream cheese


  • If the bagel is not already pre-sliced, cut it in half by using a serrated knife.
  • Toast bagel halves in a toaster.
  • Spread with cream cheese.

Enjoy this yummy bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, or for anytime snack!

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