Small Seedless Personal Mini Watermelon

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My favorite kind of watermelon is the small seedless mini watermelon – also called “personal watermelon”.  What I like about the personal watermelon is its small size.

If I feel like having some watermelon, I never feel like getting one of those huge watermelons – unless I’m planning to have a big party.  With the huge watermelon, storage is an issue – there is no space for a huge whole watermelon in my refrigerator, which happens to be the average size fridge.  And if I cut up the whole huge watermelon, there’ll be so many watermelon chunks that it will take many days to eat them.  As the watermelon chunks are stored for a long time, their flavor will deteriorate… even if they still taste good after days in the refrigerator, I’ll just get tired of eating them.  And did I mention having to lug a 20-lb watermelon home from the grocery store?

Personal mini watermelon is perfect – you’ll get your fix of watermelon without lugging home a huge heavy thing.  A great thing about personal mini watermelons is that they are seedless!  I’m really spoiled in regards to seeds in the watermelons – since they are seedless watermelons available, I won’t even touch the seeded watermelon.  Having to spit out all those giant seeds when there are other options – forget it :)

As of taste, I’ve had great luck with the small personal watermelons –  I’ve never had a bad tasting one.  Every time I bought a small seedless mini watermelon, it turned out to be red, sweet and juicy!

Here’s a picture of the small personal watermelon:personal seedless small mini watermelon

And here’s a picture of me holding it in one hand – now you can tell the size of this watermelon:
hand holding a small watermelon

Let’s see what’s inside – here’s the picture of the small watermelon cut in half.  Look how red, it’s so sweet – yum!
red juicy watermelon cut in half

Here’s a picture of a red, sweet and juicy slice of the personal seedless watermelon – imagine biting into it and having watermelon juice drip down your chin!
hand holding a slice of red, sweet and juicy watermelon

And finally, here’s a picture of the small seedless personal watermelon cut into chunks:
watermelon chunks in a plastic bowl

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