How To Cut A Watermelon Into Chunks

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When you buy a watermelon, you need to cut it into chunks.  Cutting a huge watermelon into bite-size pieces seems like a daunting task.  However, it is really easy to cut a watermelon into chunks if you follow my strategy of cutting watermelon.  Once you understand the strategy, slicing watermelon will be a breeze!  When you see how easy it is to cut watermelon, you’ll never waste your money on pre-cut watermelon pieces that have been sitting on grocery store shelves for days.  Those packaged watermelon chunks are always soft and mushy tasting, especially compared to fresh watermelon pieces that you cut yourself from the whole watermelon!

Step 1 Of Cutting A Watermelon:

Start with the whole watermelon.  Put it on the cutting board and prepare a sharp knife that you will use for cutting watermelon.

whole watermelon picture

Step 2 Of Cutting A Watemelon:

Cut the watermelon in half using a sharp knife.  Set aside one of the halves.  You will do all the following steps with one of the watermelon halves, and once you will finish cutting one half of the watermelon into chunks, you’ll repeat the process with the second half of the watermelon.

watermelon cut in half

Step 3 Of Cutting A Watermelon:

Cut the half of the watermelon in half as shown on the picture below.

2 quarters of the watermelon

Step 4 Of Cutting A Watermelon:

Cut each piece in half again as shown on the picture below.  You will get long watermelon slices.

watermelon cut into long slices

Many people stop at this point and just eat the watermelon slices the way they are – biting off the red watermelon and discarding the green peel .  I don’t like to eat such huge watermelon slices – when I bite into a big slice, the juice drips down getting me all wet and sticky!  I prefer my watermelon cut into bite-size chunks, so all I need to do is put them in my mouth – no need to be covered in sticky watermelon juice.  So let’s continue to the next step of cutting watermelon :)

Step 5 Of Cutting Watermelon:

Cut off the green peel of the watermelon with a knife.  Get all the green stuff out (even the light green).  The green core is tasteless and yucky – don’t leave it stuck to your watermelon chunks.  You watermelon chunks should be 100% red.

cutting off the peel of the watermelon

Step 6 Of Cutting Watermelon:

Discard the peel, and cut the red part of the watermelon slices into small pieces.

cutting watermelon slice into small pieces

Step 7 Of Cutting Watermelon:

Repeat the necessary previous steps with all remaining watermelon slices, so the entire watermelon is cut into chunks.  If you are not eating the watermelon chunks right away, you need to refrigerate them.  I usually put the watermelon pieces into individual-size plastic bowls with lids, and stack them in refrigerator.  This way if someone is in the mood for some cool watermelon, they just take a bowl with the watermelon chunks from the refrigerator and snack away!

watermelon pieces in a small plastic snack bowl

And finally, here’s a picture of watermelon chunks in a bigger bowl – a yummy watermelon feast!  Imagine biting into a cold juicy sweet watermelon – yum!

watermelon chunks pieces in big bowl

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