How To Eat A Persimmon

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persimmon fruit

Persimmons are delicious fruits that are in season in the fall and winter.  The most important thing to do before eating a persimmon is to make sure it is ripe.  The persimmons that are not ripe not only taste bitter, but also make your mouth feel dry and tingly!

If you ever tried a persimmon and had that bad experience, it’s because the persimmon was not ripe.  Give the persimmon another chance – when eaten in its ripe state, the persimmon is absolutely delicious!  Ripe persimmon is very sweet – it has a unique sweet taste that will make you want to eat more and more.

So how do you know when a persimmon is ripe?  The same way as how to pick a ripe mango – ripe persimmons should feel somewhat soft when squeezed.  To pick a ripe persimmon, give it a gently squeeze with your fingers.  If the persimmon is hard as a rock, it’s not ripe – do not even think of eating it!  Ripe persimmon should give under very gentle pressure.  Of course, it shouldn’t be absolutely mushy – that would be simply spoiled :)  It should be just a little bit soft.

If all the persimmons are hard at the store, the good news is that they will ripen perfectly on the counter.  You can still buy the hard persimmons, just be sure to give them time to ripen at home.  To get the persimmons to ripen, just leave them on the counter and check on them in a few days.  When the persimmons feel soft when squeezed, they are ready to be eaten.  To speed up the ripening process, you can put the persimmons in a paper bag.

To eat a ripe persimmon, first wash it, then put on a plate with the green top down, then cut into quarters.  You don’t need to peel a persimmon – if you try peeling it, it will just make a mess and create a lot of waste – persimmons just don’t peel well.  Do not eat the persimmon skin – you eat the persimmon quarters the same way as you would eat a quartered unpeeled orange. To eat the persimmon quarters, just bite into the juicy flesh and discard the skin.

Here’s the picture of the ripe persimmon cut into quarters, ready to be eaten!

persimmon cut into quarters for eating

Enjoy the persimmons – they are truly delicious!

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