How To Pick A Good Ripe Watermelon

How To Pick A Good Ripe Watermelon

During the summer months, watermelon becomes a staple in most homes. With its juicy deliciousness it makes an excellent…
huge red globe holiday grapes

Huge Red Globe Holiday Grapes

Have you ever seen those huge red grapes at the store?  Those giant grapes are usually labeled as "globe grapes" or…
persimmon fruit

How To Eat A Persimmon

Persimmons are delicious fruits that are in season in the fall and winter.  The most important thing to do before eating…
kids choice watermelon variety

Kid's Choice Watermelon Variety

On my recent grocery shopping trip, I saw a variety of watermelon labeled "Kid's Choice".  My kids like all the watermelons,…
personal seedless small mini watermelon

Small Seedless Personal Mini Watermelon

My favorite kind of watermelon is the small seedless mini watermelon - also called "personal watermelon".  What I like about…
diced mango for mango salsa

How To Dice A Mango For Mango Salsa

Are you a big fan of mango salsa?  Do you like the taste of mango salsa, but don't know how to dice a mango for mango…
whole mango

How To Peel And Cut A Mango

Do you avoid mangoes because you don't know how to eat them?  Have you tried cutting a mango but ended up with a big mess? Don't…
picture of a mango

How To Tell When A Mango Is Ripe

Mango is a delicious tropical fruit.  Mangoes are very sweet, juicy and super yummy!  However, mangoes are only sweet…
whole watermelon picture

How To Cut A Watermelon Into Chunks

When you buy a watermelon, you need to cut it into chunks.  Cutting a huge watermelon into bite-size pieces seems like a…
tangerine in the hand

Blood Tangerines

I got some tangerines that looked like any other tangerines on the outside. Nice, small, bright and so perfectly orange…