How To Dice A Mango For Mango Salsa

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diced mango for mango salsa

Are you a big fan of mango salsa?  Do you like the taste of mango salsa, but don’t know how to dice a mango for mango salsa?

To cut mango for mango salsa, you first need to peel a mango and cut a mango into big slices.  Once you have the big slices, you dice each mango slice into small pieces.  To cut up mango into big slices, see the instructions for cutting a mango.

Big mango pieces should look like this:

cut up mango pieces

Next, take one piece of mango, and make many cuts in one direction like shown on the picture below:

dicing a mango slice

Next, make the cuts in the other direction, creating cube-shaped tiny pieces of mango:

mango dice

Repeat this process of dicing mango with the remaining mango slices.

Make a mango salsa out of this diced mango by following this mango salsa recipe.  Enjoy!

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