How To Cook Eggs In A Microwave Egg Poacher

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Do you love poached eggs?  Think that poaching eggs is too complicated?  Do you crave eggs but avoid cooking them because you don’t feel like watching them on the stove and washing the pots and pans?  Here’s the solution for a lazy cook: cooking eggs in a microwave!  You must be thinking now: how do I cook eggs in a microwave?  Read on and you’ll see step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to cook eggs in a microwave.

Cooking eggs in a microwave is really easy when you use a special gadget: microwave egg poacher.  You just cracked the egg in a poacher, put it in a microwave and 1 minute later you have yummy poached eggs!  No cleanup needed – once you are done eating your microwave-cooked eggs, just put the microwave egg poacher in a dishwasher – microwave egg poacher is dishwasher-safe.

Step-By-Step Instructions On Using Microwave Egg Poacher:

Step 1: Crack the eggs in the egg poacher – 1 egg in each compartment.

using microwave egg poacher - step 1

Step 2: Prick each egg ONCE with a fork.

This is done so the egg doesn’t explode when you cook it.  Ask me how I know :) I experimented with avoiding this step, and the cooked egg looked messy.  So now I prick the egg with a fork every time I use the microwave egg poacher to cook the eggs in a microwave.

using microwave egg poacher - step 2

Step 3: Pour 1 tbsp of water on top of each egg.

This is done so the top of the egg cooks evenly.  The water boils and cooks the top of the egg.  I experimented with not adding the water, and when I didn’t add the water the top, the top of the egg was still runny and undercooked while the rest of the egg was cooked.  Adding water prevents the tops of the eggs from undercooking.

using microwave egg poacher - step 3

Step 4:  Close the egg poacher.

closing microwave egg poacher

Step 5: Put the egg poacher in a microwave and microwave for 1 minute.

Note: you might need to adjust the timing depending on your microwave.  My microwave is pretty powerful and 1 minute is enough to get perfectly cooked eggs.  If your eggs are still undercooked after 1 minute, increase the timing until you figure out the perfect time for cooking eggs in your microwave.
cooking eggs in a microwave

Step 4: Open your egg poacher to see your cooked eggs!  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Note on this picture the eggs don’t look very pretty.  Sometimes this happens when you cook eggs in a microwave.  I assure you that they taste great :)  But if the look bothers you, here’s a solution – FLIP THEM!  The other side of the eggs looks really nice!  Scroll down to the next picture and you’ll see the difference.
cooked eggs inside the microwaveable egg poacher

Here’s the picture of the cooked eggs after I flipped them – look how much nicer it looks compared with the previous picture!

eggs cooked in a microwave

Enjoy your poached eggs!  I love them on top of the toasted english muffin!

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        1. I got several assorted microwave egg items and Amazon. My big problem is I want to make sunny side up, to put on my potatoes, but even the omelet maker had the yolks fairly hard

  1. Hi Karen, I think you can get them from big w, Kmart etc. we inherited one somewhere along the way so not sure. I googled it and found there is a starmaid brand. Also, I add a dash of vinegar when cooking them – makes more like real poached eggs!

  2. You don’t say whether your idea of a “perfect” poached egg includes a runny yellow. I like my yellow runny and you can do that with a poacher on the stove. I have yet to see that with one of these and due to the nature of microwaving, I presume it is impossible. If you like your egg like a hardboiled egg, I guess it is okay.

  3. HI, re your microwave egg poaching, I use mine for cooking the bacon on the ridged side at the same time as my eggs are cooking, I don’t close the poacher up ,just cover the bacon with absorbent paper and cook on medium high for 1min 17 secs. plus or minus according to the temperature of eggs if from from fridge. My friend wants to know where to buy one of these poachers.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I have just bought a microwave egg poacher but have realised it didn’t come with instructions.
    Just one question: When you say to prick the egg with a fork – is it the yolk you prick?

  5. Thanks for these instructions! Your opening paragraph is EXACTLY how I feel, so I purchased a microwave egg poacher yesterday. The only problem is that it didn’t come with directions. Now I have them!

  6. I have this egg poacher and was craving poached eggs! Forgetting how to use the gadget I looked online and found these steps. Sadly it was a fail! I did the minute time listed and my yokes were hard boiled! :( 45 seconds wasn’t long enough and a minute was too long! I think I’ll be going back to the hard way of stove top.

    1. My instructions that came with my egg poacher said cook for 30 seconds let it rest for 30 seconds cook 15 seconds and let it rest another 30 seconds. They are pretty runny yolks. I think during the rest time it’s still cooking a little bit because he is still within the container. I have also tried it without letting it rest the last 30 seconds and they were pretty good.

  7. I lost my instructions also, gonna try it now, thanks, this is what the Internet is for, helping hands, thank you

  8. I just purchased 2 egg poachers at the Dollar Tree For $1.00! Two come in a package. They have 3 compartments instead of 2, so 6 eggs total if you want to cook that many.I have not tried it yet,but hope to try it tomorrow.Thank you for the help.I do not know if u have a Dollar Tree in Australia.Good luck! Have a wonderful day.I just realized that was posted 2 years ago…I hope you have found one by

  9. I have a 3 cavirty microwave egg poacher and would like to know how long to cook the eggs for. All I can find are directions for a 2 compartment microwave poacher.
    Thank you.

  10. Thank you! I bought the same microwave egg poacher as in your illustration. When I got it home there were NO instructions on how to use it!

  11. Thank you, I forgot that I had microwave poacher. I had eggs benny for supper tonight. I took my butter, melted it then I lightly dipped my sourdough English muffins in it. Separated my eggs added a tbls of lemon juice and a tbls of vinegar. In the frying pan, I toasted my muffins, set them aside, while I was whisking my egg yolks and the liquids over a double boiler until thick (like a Hollandaise) then slowly added my melted butter. I saved the liquid that is always in the bottom of the cup that the melted butter left, then poured that into my microwave egg poacher, put my eggs into the microwave and during that time I still had the warm frying pan in which I put my shaved ham in. I put my muffins on the plate took my ham out of the pan, put it on the muffins. Then my eggs were perfectly done (my microwave took 50 seconds, it could have been the butter liquid that made it shorter) so I put them on the muffins and ham, topped them off with the Hollandaise. I was impressed, I had Eggs Benny in less than 10 minutes. Thank you for your thoughts, I looked for quite a while to find that poacher, but it was worth it. It is now in the front of my cupboard.

  12. Thank you for info, replies were so helpful…especially the Directions! I can’t imagine a product with NO directions for use and when I went to bb&b website I had to join an answer service!

  13. Thank you so much, just like everyone else there was no directions, I tried it with what I had seen, I almost threw it away, I was so disappointed, you made my day.

  14. Thanks for writing this post—this info is remarkably hard to find! Your instructions worked great for my “one egg” pan—I think 35 seconds is the sweet spot for my microwave to keep it runny. I advise folks to try 30 secs and check. Then heat more, 5 secs at a time once you get really close. Remember to pour off the excess water when done. I ended up cutting out the egg in a nice circle and it looked great.

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