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How To Cook Sweet Potatoes In A Microwave

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how to cook sweet potatoes in a microwave

Did you know that you can cook sweet potatoes in a microwave?  If you have sweet potatoes in your pantry, keep in mind that you always have an instant side dish – microwaved sweet potato!  Microwaved sweet potatoes have great taste and texture similar to a baked sweet potato – they are soft, sweet and piping hot, and they are ready to eat in 5 minutes.  Split the microwaved sweet potato in half, top it with some butter and sprinkle with brown sugar – yum!

Microwaving a sweet potato is really easy – all you need to do is pierce the sweet potato with a fork, wrap it in a paper towel and microwave on High for 5 minutes.  This microwave baked sweet potato recipe is a true find for a busy cook!

Recipe: How To Cook Sweet Potatoes In A Microwave

Cooking time: 5 minutes


  • Sweet potato

Instructions For Microwaving A Sweet Potato

  • Prick the sweet potato with a fork. These little holes will allow the steam to escape while the potato is cooking – this is done to prevent the sweet potato from exploding and making a mess in your microwave :)
  • Wrap the sweet potato in a paper towel.
  • Put the wrapped sweet potato in a microwave and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Let the sweet potato stand for 2 minutes, as it will be extremely hot.
  • Carefully remove cooked sweet potato from the microwave and unwrap from the paper towel.
  • Cut the sweet potato in half and serve.

You can microwave more than one sweet potato at a time – just add 4 minutes for each additional potato.  For example, to cook two sweet potatoes will take 9 minutes and three sweet potatoes will take 13 minutes.

Microwaved sweet potatoes can be topped with butter, brown sugar, maple syrup and apple sauce – any of these toppings go really well with sweet potatoes and enhance their taste.  Sweet potatoes are usually pretty big, so one potato can be enough for two people as a side dish – each person gets one half of the big sweet potato.

Here are some pictures of microwaving a sweet potato –

Start with the unpeeled sweet potato:

sweet potato yam

Pierce the sweet potato skin with a fork, then wrap the sweet potato in a paper towel:

sweet potato wrapped in a paper towel

Put the sweet potato in a microwave and cook for 5 minutes:

sweet potato in a microwave

Enjoy this super easy and tasty microwave baked sweet potato recipe!  For more microwave recipes, check out microwave baked potato recipe and how to cook corn in a microwave.

To make other yummy things to cook with sweet potatoes, check out how to make mashed sweet potatoes, how to make sweet potato shepherd’s pie and how to make stuffed sweet potato.


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  1. mike johnston
    mike johnston says:

    Hi, I go to a local restaurant, currently they have on their starter menu Potato wedges with cheese. I’m thinking this would be blissful to cook a sweet potato cut into wedges, sprinkle with cheese and finish it under the grill.
    So I have purchased my sweet potato, weight 1 lb 2 oz. I will do as you suggest, wash, prick the skin cover with a paper towel for 5 minutes,and keep testing before the last step, wedges ,cheese and grill.
    Thanks for your tip. Mike.

      • Marilyn
        Marilyn says:

        You might want to tell people to not take a chance on unrefrigerated cooked sweet potatoes (most root crops)
        but as a real person who has been eating foods that have been left unrefrigerated for hours (even days) and have suffered not a bit of any discomfort what so ever, I can tell you that unless you have a lot of bacteria on or around your food you can take a chance – no harm no foul. Why waste food. Risk a tummy ache? Maybe but probably not.

        • Marilyn
          Marilyn says:

          Oh by the way, Melanie, I am 70 years old and healthy as a well, as a healthy person. I was going to say ox, but who knows how healthy that ox is. ha ha


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