Vegetarian Dinner Of Veggie Patties With Hummus, Quinoa And Mango Salsa

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costco veggie patties, quinoa and mango salsa

Here’s a very yummy vegetarian dinner that is super easy to put together.  The veggie patties and hummus are store-bought, so no cooking is needed :)  Quinoa with raisins is made in a rice cooker – just put the ingredients in, and the rice cooker will do the cooking for you!  The only thing you need to do is chop a mango and dice an onion for mango salsa, and if you don’t want to make mango salsa yourself, you can use store-bought one – Whole Foods sells very good prepared mango salsa.

Veggie Patch Meditterranean Spinach And Chickpea Patties
veggies patch mediterranean spinach & chickpea patties package

These yummy veggie patties are sold at Costco.  They are so convenient – just heat in a microwave and serve.  Even meat eaters like these Veggie Patch vegetarian patties.  Follow this link to learn more about Costco Veggie Patties.

Sabra Hummus From Costco

sabra classic hummus from Costco individual pack

Costco sells this individually packed Sabra classic hummus that is perfect to serve with dinner.  Just take one individual pack of hummus, open it and eat.  This tasty hummus goes really well with the veggie patties.  I love dipped the veggie patties in hummus – together they taste so delicious!  Check out Sabra hummus at Costco.

Quinoa With Raisins

quinoa recipe with raisins

This quinoa with raisins is made in a rice cooker – all you need to do is put quinoa, raisins and water in a rice cooker and press the Start button.  Quinoa with raisins is really delicious!  The raisins are soft and quinoa is flavored with raisins and has perfect texture.  Take a look at my easy quinoa recipe with raisins.

Simple Mango Salsa

simple mild mango salsa

This is the easiest mango salsa you will ever find, and it tastes so good!  Mango is diced and mixed with chopped onion – it can’t get any easier than that :)  Even though this mango salsa is so simple, it tastes really good and refreshing and goes perfectly with the veggie patties dinner!  Check out my very simple mango salsa recipe.

Enjoy this yummy vegetarian feast!

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