Vegan Dinner Idea: Veggie Patties, Middle Eastern Couscous And Eggplant Salad

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vegan dinner ideas

Here’s a complete dinner that doesn’t use any meat, dairy of eggs – it’s perfectly vegan.  I have the veggie patties made out of spinach and chickpeas, the middle eastern couscous with chickpeas and tomato sauce, plus the eggplant salad.  The veggie patties and couscous are packaged microwaveable meals, and the eggplant salad is homemade.

Veggie Patties

veggies patch mediterranean spinach & chickpea patties package

These are extremely tasty veggie patties: Veggie Patch Mediterranean Spinach & Chickpea Patties, and you can find them in Costco.   They are instantly heated in a microwave, and they have great taste and texture.  Even the meat eaters like these patties! Check out Costco veggie patties.

Mediterranean Couscous

ziyad middle eastern couscous maftoul baladi

This is a packaged vegan couscous meal by Ziyad brand.  It’s called “Maftoul Baladi” and consists of the larger (pearl) couscous, chickpeas, carrots, spices and tomato sauce.  This packaged meal is pre-cooked and heated in a microwave, and it tastes great!  See more info on instant middle eastern couscous.

Eggplant Salad

russian eggplant salad recipe

This is a Russian eggplant salad recipe that is made in a food processor.  First the eggplant is baked, then pureed with raw onion and flavored with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Please see my Russian eggplant salad recipe.

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