Russian Meat Patties (Kotlety) With Mashed Potatoes And Cucumber Spears For Dinner

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russian meat patties (kotlety) with mashed potatoes and cucumber spears

This is a very yummy Russian-style dinner.  The meat patties are authentic Russian recipe called “kotlety”.  Kotlety is the meat patties made with ground meat mixed with minced onion and bread crumbs, then pan-fried.  The most popular side dish for Russian kotlety is the mashed potatoes, and that’s what’s on the plate :)  I have Russian meat patties served with mashed potatoes, and on the other plate are simple cucumbers cut into spears.  The sliced veggies are also a very popular way to serve side vegetables in Russia.

Russian Meat Patties “Kotlety”

russian meat patties kotlety with mashed potatoes

If you want to make a Russian recipe that your American friends will like, make these Russian meat patties “kotlety” – they are basically the same as meatloaf, except they are pan-fried instead of baked.  Please see Russian meat patties Kotlety recipe.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes on a plate

If you want to make perfect mashed potatoes, just follow my instructions.  These mashed potatoes have the right texture and are super yummy.  Please see my easy perfect mashed potatoes recipe.

Simple Cucumber Spears

cucumber spears

Cucumber spears are peeled cucumbers that are sliced lengthwise into spears.  For exact instructions on cutting the perfect spears, read more on my pages about cucumber spears.

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