Dinner Of Salmon Teryaki, Rice Pilaf And Green Salad

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dinner of salmon teryaki rice pilaf green salad

This healthy and tasty dinner is very easy to put together.  I’m using my quick recipe for homemade salmon teryaki, a boxed rice and lentil pilaf and packaged green salad mix.  Mixing “from scratch” cooking with convenience items is a smart strategy for getting yummy dinner on the table!

Homemade Salmon Teryaki Recipe

how to make salmon teriyaki

This easy salmon teryaki recipe has salmon first marinated in a homemade teryaki sauce (mixture of soy sauce, mirin, brown sugar and vinegar), then quickly cooked in a frying pan.  You can make extra teryaki sauce to pour on top of salmon when it’s served, or serve it without any extra sauce like on this picture. Of course, you can use bottled teryaki sauce to make this recipe even easier :)  For full directions for making salmon teryaki, see my easy salmon teryaki recipe.

Rice And Lentil Pilaf

ziyard mujadara rice and lentil pilaf

I was using boxed Ziyad Rice And Lentil Pilaf.  I got it in Costco, and this rice pilaf is so easy to put together!  You don’t even need to cook it – it’s already precooked and microwaveable – just heat the package in the microwave, mix it and it’s ready.  It’s so perfect for those days that you need an instant side dish!  Check out this packaged rice and lentil pilaf.

Grand Parisian Green Salad

grand parisian salad mix from costco

I get this green salad mix at Costco.  It’s called “Grand Parisian Salad”, and it’s such a tasty lettuce mix!  It has different kinds of lettuce, crumbled feta cheese, nuts and dried cranberries in it, and a packet of a very yummy sweet vinegarette dressing in it.  Just open the package and mix all the ingredients that are inside, and you got a delicious gourmet salad!  Check out Grand Parisian Salad Mix.

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