Dinner Of Salmon Fishcakes With Cocktail Sauce, Roasted New Potatoes And Broccoli

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dinner of salmon fishcakes, roasted new potatoes, broccoli and cocktail sauce

This easy and tasty dinner has salmon fishcakes for the main dish, roasted new potatoes for the side dish and oven roasted broccoli for the vegetables.  The fishcakes are served with the seafood cocktail sauce for dipping!

Salmon Fishcakes Recipe

how to make canned salmon fishcakes

These easy recipe for salmon fishcakes uses canned salmon – it’s a perfect recipe to put together using pantry ingredients!  I use canned pink salmon, mix it with grated potato, onion and egg, shape into patties and pan-fry.  For more details how to make fishcakes, see my canned salmon fishcakes recipe.

Seafood Cocktail Sauce Recipe

how to make seafood cocktail sauce

The seafood cocktail sauce is more widely know as a shrimp cocktail sauce – that’s the sauce you use for dipping those huge cocktail shrimp.  This sauce is not just for shrimp – it tastes great with any fish dishes, especially salmon fishcakes.  Seafood cocktail sauce is very easy to make as it has just 2 ingredients – ketchup and horseradish – see my seafood cocktail sauce recipe.

Roasted New Potatoes Recipe

how to make roasted new potatoes

New potatoes are those small potatoes with delicate skin that don’t even need to be peeled.  New potatoes are so tasty, and I love them roasted.  They brown so nicely in the oven and taste so good – see my roasted new potatoes recipe.

Roasted Broccoli Recipe

best roasted broccoli

Roasted broccoli tastes outstanding – even people who don’t like broccoli often change their mind when they try it roasted!  Broccoli is roasted in the oven and is very easy to make – see my recipe for roasting broccoli.

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