Dinner Of Chicken Salad Sandwich With Microwave Corn On The Cob

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chicken salad sandwich and microwave corn on the cob

Here’s a perfect easy dinner idea for you – a chicken salad sandwich and corn on the cob!  The chicken salad sandwich is made out of homemade chicken salad between two slices of soft white bread.  The corn on the cob is made in less than five minutes by using a microwave!

Chicken Salad Sandwich

chicken salad sandwich recipe

A secret to a good chicken salad sandwich is like any other sandwich – great fresh ingredients!  Use high quality soft bread – either store-bought or homemade.  If you own a bread machine, check out my bread machine recipe for soft white bread for sandwiches.  Next, make great homemade chicken salad.  Making chicken salad is very easy, and there are so many yummy chicken salad recipes to choose from – chicken salad with grapes, pickles, chunky chicken salad and many more.  Check out my page with different chicken salad recipes.

Microwave Corn On The Cob

microwave corn on the cob

Who wants to fuss with a big pot of boiling water just to cook some corn?  Definitely not me!  Making corn on the cob is really easy when you have a microwave.  Microwave makes perfectly cooked, tasty and juicy corn on the cob – in less than five minutes!  Learn the secret in my recipe for corn on the cob in the microwave.

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