chicken salad, corn on the cob and cucumber salad

Dinner Of Chicken Salad With Corn On The Cob And Cucumber Salad

chicken salad, corn on the cob and cucumber salad

This is a very tasty dinner with yummy, fresh and healthy ingredients.  I have a chicken salad with a side of corn on the cob and another side of tomato and cucumber salad.  All the recipes for this dinner are super easy.  Chicken salad is made with the chopped leftover chicken, chopped hard-boiled eggs and mayo.  The corn on the cob is cooked in 5 minutes in the microwave!  The tomato and cucumber salad is just the chopped tomatoes and cucumbers with an olive oil and vinegar dressing – by the way, the cucumber on this picture looks white because it was a white cucumber :)

Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

lots of chicken salad recipes

I make many different kinds of chicken salad, and this particular chicken salad recipe is very simple.  It only needs 3 ingredients – chicken, egg and mayo.  Chicken salad with my go-to dish whenever I have leftover chicken.  To make chicken salad, chop up the cooked chicken and a boiled egg, then mix with mayo.  For more info, see my chunky chicken salad recipe.

Corn On The Cob – Microwave Recipe

how to microwave corn on the cob

I make corn on the cob in the microwave!  Instead of dealing with a boiling pot of water, simply use the microwave to cook the corn without the hassle!  To microwave the corn on the cob, wrap corn in a paper towel and microwave for about 4 minutes, then rub with salt.  See my page on microwaveable corn on the cob.

Chopped Cucumber And Tomato Salad Recipe

chopped tomato and cucumber salad recipe

For this salad, I chop the tomatoes and peel and chop the cucumbers.  Then simply add oil and vinegar or bottled Italian dressing, sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss.  Simple salads are always so yummy!  See how to make chopped cucumber and tomato salad.

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