Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe

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picture of yummy chicken salad sandwich

Chicken salad sandwich is my favorite way to use up leftover chicken.  Whenever we have roast chicken for dinner, the next day it’s time for chicken salad sandwiches for lunch!

Making a chicken salad is extremely easy.  The basic ingredients for a chicken salad are chopped cooked chicken, chopped hardboiled egg and mayo.   Once you have the basics, you can add other optional ingredients such as chopped onions, pickles or grapes.

To make a chicken salad sandwich, just spread the chicken salad between two slices of bread.  You can also add optional toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes or onion slices.

You can also slice a chicken salad sandwich diagonally so it’s shaped like a triangle.  Enjoy!


Cooked chicken meat, chopped
Boiled egg, mashed with a fork
Pickles, chopped
Mayo, to taste
Bread (2 slices)


Mix chicken, egg, pickles and mayo.  Spread on the slice of bread.  Top with another slice.


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