Dinner Of Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs And Healthy Cole Slaw

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smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and healthy cole slaw

This is a very healthy and tasty dinner that’s very quick and easy to put together.  Smoked salmon comes from a package, scrambled eggs take just a couple of minutes to make and healthy cole slaw is made in the food processor.  I always have smoked salmon and eggs in my refridgerator, so it can become an instant dinner!

Smoked Salmon From Costco

costco smoked salmon

My favorite kind of smoked salmon is the smoked salmon from Costco.  It’s a wild salmon that’s naturally red (no added color) and the price is unbeatable! Costco smoked salmon comes in a 1 lb package that consists of two individually sealed 8 oz packages, which is quite a manageable size.  See my full review of Costco Kirkland Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon.

Scrambled Eggs Recipe

scrambled eggs recipe

Making scrambled eggs is very quick and easy.  Just mix the eggs with a little milk, put on a non-stick frying pan over medium heat, and cook, stirring, until almost set – less than 2 minutes.  The trick for yummy scrambled eggs is not to overcook them – they need to be moist and tender, not tough.  For more details, see how to make perfect scrambled eggs.

Healthy Coleslaw Recipe

healthy cole slaw without mayo

Healthy coleslaw is made out of shredded cabbage and carrot.  In healthy coleslaw, the dressing is olive oil and lime juice – not the fattening mayo!  Coleslaw without mayo tastes very clean and refreshing.  Please see my healthy coleslaw recipe – it’s so tasty and good for you.

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  1. i want to eat more salmon but am so afraid of those pin bones in the salmon…my daughter almost choked to death on one!! how do you know if all those bones are gone???? it scares me…so i wont eat it anymore!!!

  2. Hi Diana,
    To check salmon for pin bones, feel it carefully with your hand before you cook it – finding bones in raw fish is easier than in cooked one. If your hand feels a prickle, it’s a bone – get it out with the tweezers. And of course, eat the fish carefully – there is always the chance of bones.

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