kids choice watermelon variety

Kid’s Choice Watermelon Variety

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kids choice watermelon variety

On my recent grocery shopping trip, I saw a variety of watermelon labeled “Kid’s Choice”.  My kids like all the watermelons, as long as they are seedless and sweet, but I figured – why not try Kid’s Choice Watermelon and see if it’s any better than regular watermelons.

Kid’s Choice Watermelon is medium size, with a dark green skin without any stripes.

Next is a picture of my hand holding the Kid’s Choice Watermelon.  You can see the label of the watermelon pretty clearly on this photo.

Kid's Choice Watermelon holding in a hand

Here’s the picture of Kid’s Choice Watermelon cut in half.  Notice how it’s bright red and has virtually no seeds.
Kid's Choice Watermelon cut in half

The Kid’s Choice Watermelon turned out to be a great watermelon – sweet and seedless.  It’s it better than other watermelons?  Probably not.  Many regular watermelons are just as red, just as sweet and just as seedless :)

Here’s the picture of this watermelon after it was cut-up and put in plastic containers.  Learn more how to cut up watermelon.  What a tower of containers filled with watermelon chunks :)  They are going in a refrigerator, and these watermelon chunks will be a very tasty fruit snack that will disappear quickly!
stack of containers of watermelon chunks

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