Giant Avocado – Florida Lowfat Avocado Variety

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Once I went grocery shopping and saw very unusual avocados.  These avocados were huge!  The avocadoes were a giant size, and had green smooth skins.  They were labeled as “Florida Lowfat Avocado”.

I love avocados and guacamole, so of course I had to try to new kind of avocado that I’ve never tried before.  So I bought the giant avocado and tried it as soon as I got home.

Here’s the picture I took of the giant avocado next to the regular common Haas avocado.In addition to the size difference, notice the difference in the color and texture of avocado skin!

giant avocado next to regular avocado

The giant avocado is green, but it is perfectly ripe.  This avocado variety is supposed to be green like this.  See also: how to tell if an avocado is ripe.

Here’s the picture of the giant avocado in my hand :)

hand holding a giant avocado

OK, time to make guacamole.  I cut the giant avocado in half!  Here’s the picture of the giant avocado half in my hand.  Look at that giant avocado pit!

giant avocado half

Next, I took out the pit, scooped out the avocado flesh with a spoon and made guacamole out of the giant avocado.  Here’s the picture of that guacamole in a bowl:

guacamole made out of lowfat avocado

Now, the most important question: how did the giant avocado taste?  Unfortunately, not that good.  Remember, that avocado variety is also lowfat in addition to being giant :) So that guacamole TASTED lowfat!

The giant lowfat avocado tasted closer to mashed green peas than to an avocado.  Also, it’s texture was kind of lumpy and stringy no matter how much I mashed it – not the usual smooth buttery green goodness.

If you want to save on calories when eating guacamole, just eat a smaller portion of regular guacamole.  At least you’ll get a taste of what a good avocado should taste like.  If you like good guac, you will not like the lowfat avocado.  I’m not buying those giant lowfat avocados ever again!

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    1. The very large round smooth skinned Avocado from around Miami, Florida out does the avocados from Calif. by 100%. No competition from Calif. Avacados. No way.

  1. I found these giant ones great. At least they weren’t all brused inside. The flavour was relatively the same.
    As I eat mine on sandwiches with heaps of other flavours mixed in, they were great. After your suggestion of making guacamole with it, I did. If that is your guacamole in the picture it looks rather bland anyways.
    I make mine as taught to me by my grandmother (long lost in El Paso, Texas).
    Avo + Mayo + Mexican Chillie Powder + Onion + Tomatoes + salt & pepper. It’s lovely.
    try it!
    Martha from Australia

  2. @Martha Newsome

    That guacamole recipe seems very bland and the chili powder would ruin the lively green colour most people look for…I agree the guac recipe here does appear plain as well.

    When I make guacamole I use 2-4 AVC, Chopped Cilantro, Onion, Quality Diced Tomato (just the meat part, well dried), 2 tsp mayo per 2 AVCs, pressed garlic clove, dash of pepper, Lemon Juice & Lime Juice. I just whip it with a fork… It is not plain at all. Most of the ingedients just portion to taste. I learned by watching cooks in a Mexican restaurant I worked at 20 years ago. The mayo just adds creaminess and seems to help fend off browning.

    1. I love the giant green avocados! They taste awesome, give you much flesh for your money and haven’t yet found a bad one unlike the has varieties! Eat on guilt free!! Yummy fat!!

      1. Avocados are valued for their rich buttery taste. Not watery. I’ll gladly pay more for quality. Like someone said on here, life is too short.

    2. Lime juice stops avocados from browning..,and a good avocado would not need Mayo.. that’s adding cholesterol and extra fat to an item that’s already creamy. But def I agree on chili powder. But I guess all to taste. Just like garlic- my future hubby took me to a very good mexican place in nyc.. glad no garlic in that guacamole! Lol ?

  3. I LOVE the Florida avocados. Perhaps the one Melanie had was not ripe. I have been eating them for several years and find that they have a slightly milder flavor, but the same texture as the Haas.

  4. This is a Slimcado from a Florida nursery. Found them on West Coast at Safeway, and for price, and I like them as a juicy and sweet, not oily and thick flesh, and for 2 for $3 they are worth it.

    When we have to pay $1 for some rock-a-cado from Mexico or Chile, and can’t even find a thin skinned Hass here, only the onery wrinkly black skinned cados, these are a blessing by taste, as well as cost.

  5. These avocados suck. Flat out, they just suck, no matter how ripe they are? They are awful. They’re not creamy or delicious, they’re bland and disgusting. Stop lying to yourselves and saying how good they are, life is too short for crappy food.

  6. Omg.. yes! I too tried those large avocados in guacamole .. nasty! They taste like flavored water! Not buttery at all. It has nothing to do with ripe, it’s just the type..
    I love avocados so did my research on the fruit and have few trees…there are a lot of types of much better tree varieties out there that produce much better texture and flavor.. and if grocery stores Hass are much better.

  7. I saw those huge one’s in Winn-Dixie and since they were on sale, I got 2 for $4. Wow, I’m not sure where the one’s that everyone who didn’t like them got theirs, but these were creamy and excellent tasting. As for the person that said that anyone who liked them is a liar; I guess your mind is made up and you don’t want to be confused with the facts…

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