How To Store An Avocado Half

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avocado half picture

There might be many situations where you only need to use half of avocado at a time.  You might want to eat some avocado by yourself, but the whole avocado is too much for 1 person.  You might be making an avocado salad where there are many ingredients and only a half of avocado is needed.

Avocado turns brown within hours, making it very difficult to store.  Because of that, people are often reluctant to use just half of avocado.  Do you not eat avocado by yourself because you simply don’t know how to store the other half?

So, is it even possible to store an avocado half without it turning brown? The answer is yes.  Yes, you can save the remaining half of an avocado until the next day, and it will be perfectly green and good to eat.

When you cut the avocado in half and take the 2 halves apart, one of the halves will have the stone (the pit) attached to it.  Since there is only one stone in an avocado, the other half won’t have the stone.

What you need to do is:

* use the avocado half without a stone
* store the avocado half with a stone

Somehow, the avocado stone keeps the avocado from spoiling.  Once you set aside the avocado half with a stone for storage, what you need to do is tightly wrap it in the plastic wrap like shown on the picture below:

avocado half wrapped in plastic wrap for storage

Once you wrap the avocado half with a stone, put it in the refrigerator.  The next day it will look the exact same way as it did when you put it there.  It will be green, fresh and yummy!

Using this strategy, you can now safely store an avocado half without it turning brown!

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  1. I actually did this for years. Then one day, I decided in a fit of lazy to put the other half of the shell in the ziploc, too. Like it was still a whole avocado. It works better than the pit alone, give it a try!

  2. I think it’s a matter of sealing off the oxygen which would make the avaocado go brown and gukky.
    …not the pit/stone.

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