Can You Reheat French Toast?

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storing french toast

Do you love french toast for breakfast?  Are you NOT a morning person?  Don’t have the energy to cook french toast in the morning?  When you just wake up, you don’t feel like slicing the bread, mixing eggs and milk, getting out the frying pan, heating the frying pan, dipping the bread in eggs and milk and frying it?

Well, you don’t have to give up your french toast even if you are not a morning person.  There is a solution to your problem – you can make french toast in advance, refrigerate it and simply reheat it in the morning.

What great news!  You can be lazy in the mornings and still have your french toast!

So how do you reheat the french toast?  To reheat french toast, simply put it on a plate and microwave.  It reheats really quickly – I microwave 2 pieces of french toast for 30 seconds, and it’s piping hot, as if it just came off the hot frying pan.

When I make french toast, I always make more than I can eat in one time.  I simply put all the french toast in a glass storage dish (like the one on the photo above), and reheat the leftovers for the next 2 mornings.

Simply heat the french toast in a microwave, serve it on a beautiful plate with maple syrup, and nobody will ever be able to tell that the french toast has been made ahead.

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  1. Thank you for writing this article! I had some french toast leftover from yesterday, but then wasn’t so sure if it would be good. After seeing that you use it for two days after, I felt so much better about eating it. I look forward to reading more of your website :)

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