How To Store Brown Sugar

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Have you had brown sugar turn rock-hard on you?  Did you use it just once, then closed the re-sealable bag that the brown sugar came in… and when you wanted to use it again a month later, the brown sugar was hard as a rock?  Did you try to be smart and store the brown sugar in the plastic container with the lid – like the containers that you use to store things like flour and white sugar?  Did you have to whack the brown sugar with a spoon inside that plastic container to try to break the hard rock that it turned into?

Brown sugar turning rock-hard is a very common thing.  It happens to everyone who tries to use brown sugar and doesn’t know the right trick of how to store brown sugar properly.  Of course, it happened to me too!  I’ve had brown sugar harden with time too, until I figured out how to store brown sugar so it doesn’t turn hard.

Here’s how to store brown sugar to prevent it from turning hard:

* Keep brown sugar inside the plastic bag that it came in
* Squeeze as much air as possible out of that bag before closing it
* Seal that bag if it’s resealable or twist it closed and seal with the twist-tie thing (save the twist-tie thingies from the bread packages, or they are also sold with the plastic garbage bags)
* Put the bag with brown sugar inside the large ziploc bag
* Squeeze the air out of the ziploc bag and seal it

Here’s the photo of the brown sugar stored in the double-bag manner that I described:storing brown sugar in a plastic ziploc bag

Sealed double-bag is a very reliable way of storing brown sugar.  I’ve stored brown sugar in this manner for a year, and the sugar is as good and soft as on the day I bought it.  Use this method to store brown sugar, and you’ll never have to deal with the hard brown sugar again.

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