How To Peel An Avocado

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Peeling an avocado is really easy.  All you need to peel an avocado is a knife and spoon.

Let’s peel an avocado and reveal the beautiful smooth tasting light-green avocado flesh inside!

Before you peel an avocado, make sure it is ripe – nobody wants to eat tough avocado that is not yet ready :)  Read this article about how to make sure an avocado is ripe.

Start with a whole ripe avocado:

whole avocado

Cut an avocado in half with a knife.

avocado cut in half, stone (pit) intact

Take an avocado pit out with your fingers, and throw it out.

avocado halves

Take a spoon and put it between the avocado flesh and skin.  Keep moving the spoon around the perimeter of the avocado until the avocado flesh separates from the skin.  See the picture below for an illustration on how to separate avocado flesh from the avocado skin with a spoon:


Here’s the picture of avocado peel separated from avocado flesh:


Peel the second half of the avocado with a spoon.  Discard the avocado peel.

You are done peeling an avocado!


Now go ahead an make some guacamole!  Here’s a  very easy guacamole recipe.

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