How To Cut A Melon

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Cut a melon as soon as you get it from the store.  Melons don’t ripen once picked, so don’t wait to cut it.  If you are too lazy to cut a melon, it will deteriorate with time.  At the end, you’ll end up cutting it anyway, but the melon won’t taste as good as it would if you cut the melon right away!  If you don’t cut a melon right away, you just lose :)

Once you cut the melon into chunks, you can refrigerate the melon chunks in the air-tight containers.  It is difficult to find space in the refrigerator for the whole melon, but it’s easy to find space for the melon chunks! Melon chunks take up less refrigerator space then the whole melon, and get eaten really fast!

Here’s how to cut a melon the easy way:

Start with the whole melon.

how to cut a melon - whole melon

Cut the melon in half.

how to cut a melon - melon cut into halves

Scoop out the melon seeds with a spoon, and discard the seeds.

how to cut a melon - scooping out melon seeds with a spoon

Here’s the picture of the melon half without the seeds:

how to cut a melon - melon half

Slice the melon half into long slices as shown on this picture. I usually get 5 or 6 slices out of each melon half.

how to cut a melon - melon slices

Cut off the melon skin from each slice and discard the skin.

how to cut a melon - cutting melon skin

Here’s a picture of melon slice without the skin:

how to cut a melon - melon slice

Cut each melon slice into chunks:

how to cut a melon - melon slice cut into chunks

Congratulations!  Now you know how to cut a melon!  See how easy it is?  Enjoy eating your melon chunks – yummy and sweet!

Here’s a picture of melon chunks in a bowl, ready to eat!
how to cut a melon - melon chunks in a bowl

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