What Is A Juan Canary Melon?

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Once I saw a very strange melon at the store.  It looked like a watermelon, but it was very long.  The label said “Juan Canary Melon”.  I just had to try it, so I bought it.

Here’s the picture of Juan Canary Melon:


Here’s a closeup of the sticker that was on this Juan Canary Melon:


When I cut the Juan Canary Melon, it was yellowish-green inside.  Here’s the picture of this melon cut it half:


Here’s the picture of Juan Canary Melon cut into chunks:


So, how did Juan Canary Melon taste? Well, the taste was pretty disappointing.  It was not sweet at all.  Maybe I just got unlucky with that particular melon that I picked out… but the taste was really blah – not sweet, not sour, just bland.

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  1. Well, there is a reason that your Juan Canary melon didn’t taste so great…These melons are supposed to be a bright yellow color when you eat them, not green. So that melon was either not ripe or labeled completely wrong.

  2. So, I must agree, wrong label. I just tore into a rich yellow Juan Canary melon and it’s sort of an off the wall sweet but sweet. The green giant you have there is a raw melon from what I can tell, all of the Juan Canary melons I ever got have been labeled as a majesty brand.

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