Huge Red Globe Holiday Grapes

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huge red globe holiday grapes

Have you ever seen those huge red grapes at the store?  Those giant grapes are usually labeled as “globe grapes” or “holiday grapes”.  They taste the same as regular grapes, so the only difference between the huge grapes and normal grapes is their size.

On the picture above you can see the size of those grapes relative to my hand.  Don’t those huge grapes look kind of weird?  When you think of a grape, you just don’t think of something so giant :)

When you bite into the giant red globe grapes, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are so juicy.  Because of their large size, there is just so much juice in each grape!  Grapes are naturally juicy fruits, and the larger the size of the grape, the more juice and less skin you taste :)  The red globe grapes are also extremely sweet.

Are the red globe grapes seedless?  I’ve encountered the red globe grapes both ways: seedless and with seeds.  I hate the grapes with big seeds, so I always examine the grapes package carefully before buying to make sure it says “seedless”.  If the package says “Red Globe Grapes” or “Holiday Grapes” without the word “seedless”, I will pass.  It must specifically mention that the grapes are seedless!

Also, those huge grapes tend to have one tiny seed in the middle even when they are seedless.  I just ignore the seed and swallow it with the rest of the grape. The tiny seed I can deal with, but I certainly don’t want to eat the grapes with multiple big seeds.

When the store has both regular grapes and the red globe grapes that are the same quality and price, I usually go for the smaller regular grapes – I just prefer my grapes to be normal size.  But if the huge red globe grapes are cheaper or fresher than the smaller ones, I’ll get those giant grapes and have fun eating them – so sweet and juicy.

red globe grapes in a bowl

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  1. I love Red Globe Grapes. I bite them in half and scoop out the seeds with my tongue. They are so huge that this is really quite easy to do. They’re almost the size of a small apricot, and the seeds take up less space, so you’re really getting more juicy fruitiness here. I like holding the translucent inside flesh up to the light. It’s pretty, like nature’s version of a fruit gummy candy, wrapped in it’s own edible red wrapper. I imagine if you peeled them and de-seeded them, you could freeze them to use as a fancy sweet ice cube.

    I saved all of my Red Globe Grape seeds in October this year and threw them in a pot of soil+compose+sawdust. It took several months for them to finally decide to sprout. Late Jan/early Feb in AZ. I hope to get good grape vines with these. It would be so nice to have my own fresh supply of wonderful Red Globe Grapes right in my yard ready to eat without driving to the store. It’s hard to find Red Globe Grapes for sale — most people in the US don’t care for abnormally large, seeded grapes I suppose. The only place that seems to advertise them is the mexican ranch market. Bless the Mexicans for understanding what a wonderful grape this is!

  2. Hi Melanie: Don’t mind my asking, but because you have encountered both kinds, the “seedless” globes AND seed variety are smaller in sizes? Are they the same as the one with seed?


  3. Hi ,

    I am interested in getting the globe grapes with seeds, can someone tell me what I can do?



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