How To Slice Challah Bread For Sandwiches

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perfect whole challah bread

Challah is a very soft and rich bread.  Challah is so tasty you can eat it plain – just tear off the piece of challah and munch away!  Challah also makes delicious french toast and challah makes outstanding sanwiches.

We all know that the sandwiches are as good as the ingredients you put into it.  Bread is a huge part of the sandwich.  A mediocre bread will make a blah sandwich, and great bread makes an excellent sandwich.  Challah sandwiches are as yummy as the challah itself!

Slicing challah bread for sandwiches is a little tricky because of 2 things: the braiding and the small challah size.  Challah bread is a braided bread, and the braiding makes the slices very uneven.  If the 2 slices for the sandwich are of very different shapes and sizes, it’s hard to put them together to form a sandwich.  Also, a small size of challah will make sandwiches that are too small.

Despite those challenges, you can still make great challah sandwiches if you follow this trick: slice the challah diagonally.  The diagonal slices will be bigger and more uniform in size!  Here are the illustrations on how to cut challah for sandwiches:

First, cut off the challah end – the ends are good for eating on their own, not for making sandwiches :)  Notice how I made a diagonal slice when cutting off the end:slicing challah

Next, make a diagonal slice:

After that, just keep slicing the challah. Those challah slices are nicely shaped and make super-yummy sandwiches!sliced challah bread for sandwiches

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