radishes with green leaves

Can You Eat Radish Greens?

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radishes with green leaves

I love to eat radishes – they are crunchy and great in salads!  I eat the radishes plain with a little salt, I eat them dipped in the ranch dressing, I add them to salads, and I make radish salad.  Everyone who likes radishes eats the actual red radish itself, but what about the radish leaves? Can you eat radish greens?  Yes, you certainly can!

For many years, I didn’t know that you can eat radish greens, so I was throwing the leaves out.  Then I’ve read somewhere that radish greens are edible, so I gave them a try.  Now I always use up all parts of radishes – the radish itself and its leaves.

Before eating the radish greens, make sure you wash them really well in cold water – many times the radish leaves are very dirty.

What do radish greens taste like? Kind of like radishes – bold and spicy!

So how do you eat radish greens? Here are the 2 ways to eat radish greens:

1. In A Salad

Chop up the radish leaves and add them to the green salad.  You can mix them with other salad greens for a unique lettuce mix.

2. Sauteed Greens

You can pan-fry the radish greens with some oil and minced garlic until they are wilted for a warm healthy side dish.

Here is a picture of radish greens separated from radishes:

cut off radish greans - leaves and radishes

And here’s the picture of chopped radish leaves!

chopped radish greens, radish leaves

And for a great recipe for red radishes, see this excellent radish, tomato, cucumber and green onion salad – even people who are not big fans of radishes like this one!

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4 replies
  1. Gary Makus
    Gary Makus says:

    Hi, was surprised at a farm stand where the farmer had a garbage bag for turnip green tops because people only wanted the turnips! amazing. That one I knew. Can one eat all green tops to root foods? Carrots? etc. are there some tops better cooked?? Looking for a list.

  2. June
    June says:

    Hi Gary….
    I’m also looking into eating greens. So far, I know the following are safe:

    carrots (found an interesting pesto recipe that I plan to try as soon as my crop produces enough)

    So far, rhubarb has been the only greens that I’ve found to be poisonous…oh and mistletoe! lol Image that this wonder gets folks kissing but can be the death if eaten. Hmmm…..

    Ok, that’s it from me.

  3. Glenda
    Glenda says:

    I recently learned that while you can’t eat potato leaves, you can eat sweet potato leaves. I haven’t tried it yet, but am very interested.


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