campari tomatoes in a box

Campari Tomatoes

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campari tomatoes in a box

What are campari tomatoes?  Campari is a variety of tomato.  As you can see on the label on the box of campari tomatoes on the picture above, campari tomato is described as “The Tomato Lover’s Tomato”.  This slogan is certainly true!  Campari tomatoes taste sweeter than regular tomatoes, they are very juicy and they have great texture.  I have never tasted a mealy Campari Tomato – their texture is always excellent.

Campari Tomatoes are smaller than regular tomatoes but bigger than cherry or grape tomatoes.  The size of campari tomatoes is best described as medium, but on a small side.  The best way to judge the size of something is to see it next to something else that’s familiar, and you can now do it using the photo below.  Here’s a picture that shows the size of campari tomatoes relative to a hand that’s holding them:

hand holding 4 campari tomatoes

The color of campari tomatoes is bright red.  Campari tomatoes are always red, as far as I know they don’t come in any other colors.

How do you know that a tomato is in fact a campari variety?  They are always labeled.  If you don’t see a label that says “Campari Tomatoes”, the tomato is not campari.

Are campari tomatoes expensive? The price of campari tomatoes compared with other premium tomatoes, such as tomatoes on the vine.  With campari tomatoes, you get what you paid for.  You can get cheaper tomatoes that are tasteless and mealy, or you can pay a little more and have a sure thing – sweet and juicy campari tomatoes.

The cheapest place to get Campari tomatoes is usually Costco.  Costco often carries 2lb cases of Campari tomatoes for a cheaper price than most grocery stores.

How do you eat Campari tomatoes?  The exact same way as any other tomatoes.  You can cut them up and eat them plain with salt and pepper, you can add them to the salads or you can make tomato sauce out of them.  If you like tomatoes, the Campari tomatoes will get eaten really quick!

sliced campari tomatoes

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