whole poppy seed cake roll picture

Poppy Seed Roll Cake

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whole poppy seed cake roll picture

I love poppyseed filling in baked goods.  I don’t care much about the poppy seeds sprinkled on top of bagels – they don’t have much flavor and get stuck in your teeth with no taste to show for it :) However, when the poppy seeds are combined into a poppyseed filling, their taste is so good – so sweet and so unique.  I’m such a fan of the poppyseed filling that I can eat it with the spoon!

The most popular cake that showcases the poppy seed filling is the poppy seed roll.  To make the poppy seed roll, the yeast dough is rolled into a rectangle, then the poppy seed filling is spread on top of the dough, then the dough is rolled into a roll and the cake is baked in the oven.

I have never made the poppy seed roll myself, but I often buy them at a local Ethnic supermarket.  On the picture on top of this article, there is a poppy seed roll cake from Levinson’s bakery in Chicago.  This poppy seed roll is freshly baked and all natural without preservatives.  The ingredients listed on the label of the poppy seed roll cake are simple – flour, water, margarine, eggs, yeast, sugar, salt and poppy seed.

You never know how much poppy seed filling the poppy seed roll has – it’s really a gamble.  Sometimes there is lots of filling and less dough, and other times there is lots of dough and not much poppy seeds.  Guess which version I like better?  With lots of poppy seed filling, of course!  Unfortunately, there is no way to predict which poppy seed roll will have more poppy seeds.  The amount of poppy seed filling varies even in the exact same brand of the cake.

An important FYI: don’t eat the poppy seed cake if you are planning to take a drug test!  Apparently, some components from the poppy seeds show up on drug test and make it seem like you are doing drugs.  Good luck explaining to the people who tested you that you are a fan of poppy seed cakes :)

Here’s the picture of the slice of the poppy seed roll cake – and that slice, to my disappointment, happened to have lots of dough and not too many poppy seeds:

a slice of poppy seed roll cake

Here are some more pictures of the poppy seed roll! This is the poppyseed roll I got on a different day, from another brand.  Notice the different shape – this one is a true roll, like a log :)

poppyseed roll

And this poppy seed roll had tons of poppy seeds! That’s such a delight for the poppy seed lover! Yum!

poppy seed roll slice

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