Don’t Like Tofu?

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If you don’t like tofu, you are not alone.  Tofu is disliked by almost everybody I know, including yours truly :)

Are you a tofu-hater?  Do you absolutely not like tofu?  So do I!  I am a very adventurous eater, and I like virtually all kinds of food as long as they are prepared in the right way.  However, I simply despise tofu!  I do not like tofu no matter how it’s prepared, how artfully it is displayed and how trickily it is disguised.  I leave tofu on the bottom of the miso soup bowl and pick it out of the pad thai :)

As someone who loves to cook and to eat, I don’t give up on a particular ingredient very easily.  Most yucky dishes are this way because of the bad cook :)  For example, many people dislike broccoli, especially when it’s overcooked and turns into a mushy mess with a nasty texture.  However, most of those very same broccoli haters will gobble up properly roasted broccoli!

So I was trying for quite a while to find a way to like tofu – I’ve even tried it in the fanciest restaurants prepared by the famous chefs… but I finally have given up on tofu.  Tofu makes me want to gag!  It’s not even the taste of tofu… There is just something creepy about tofu!  Fake meat – yikes!  And that weird texture of the fake meat – yuck.

If you hate tofu, don’t feel bad – it’s not you, it’s the tofu :)  If you are trying to avoid meat, but still have eggs and dairy, there is no need to even think about tofu – you get plenty of protein already.  Even if you are trying to go vegan but hate tofu, there are still other sources of protein – like beans and nuts!

If you thought that eating tofu is a good idea for health reasons, think again – the new research shows that tofu is not even good for you.  Tofu is a highly processed food, a common food allergen, plus eating too much soy products like tofu can screw up your hormones!

There is nothing wrong with not liking tofu.  If you hate tofu, there is no reason to keep forcing it down your throat.  Why eat tofu where there is plenty of other good stuff to eat!  Say “No” to tofu – eat real food instead.

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