How To Choose A Panini Press

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Panini press is a cooking gadget worth having. Panini press transforms an ordinary boring sandwich into a warm, crispy and grilled creation that you can smell from far away! Imagine biting into a hot sandwich with beautiful grill marks that is oozing with hot yellow cheese!

When you decide that you need a panini press for your kitchen, that next question is: which one? How do you choose a panini press that’s right for you? Choosing a panini press comes down to the following factors:

Factor #1 For Choosing A Panini Press: Panini Press Size

How many people are in your family?  How many panini sandwiches do you plan to be cooking at once?  Panini press works really quickly – a sandwich is hot and ready in about 2 minutes.  So even if you have 4 people in your family, it’s not a big deal to cook sandwiches 2 at a time.  But if let’s say you have 8 people in your family, cooking paninis 2 at a time will be quite a hassle, so you’ll need a larger panini press.

Another consideration for panini press size is the counter space.  It’s a trade-off: a larger panini press cooks more panini sandwiches at once, but it also takes up more space on your counter.  How much counter space do you have?  Would you rather have a large panini press that takes up more space, or a small panini press that takes up less space?

Factor #2 For Choosing A Panini Press: Panini Press Color

I’m sure you want your panini press to be the same style as all your kitchen appliances.  What color are your kitchen appliances?  Are they stainless steel, black or white?  If you have stainless steel appliances, a white panini press will stand out like a sore thumb :) Choose a color of the panini press that will look stylish in your kitchen.

Factor #3 For Choosing A Panini Press: Panini Press Price

How much are you willing to spend on your panini press?  As always, higher price can get you more bells and whistles.  Do you need bells and whistles, or do you just need the basic functionality to grill a panini sandwich?  I wouldn’t go overboard on this one – my basic panini press makes excellent yummy paninis!

Factor #4 For Choosing A Panini Press: Panini Press Manufacturer

Nobody wants to buy a piece of junk that will break in a week.  Naturally, most people prefer to go with reputable manufacturers as opposed to a no-name.  When choosing kitchen tools like panini press, it is nice to go with a reputable manufacturer that has good reviews.  Especially when the price is right!

Factor #5 For Choosing A Panini Press: Panini Press Online Reviews

Most online vendors have user reviews for the stuff they sell.  Read the online reviews for the panini press that you are considering and see if there is a common theme.  If the reviews are mostly negative complaining of the same thing, that’s your clue! If the reviews are mostly positive, that should give you more confidence in going ahead with your purchase of that particular product.

Once you get a panini press, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.  Panini press makes yummy lunches so easily and so quickly!  Don’t delay any longer.  Panini press is a must-have tool for those who love to eat good food.

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