How To Use A Tea Infuser Spoon To Brew Loose-Leaf Tea

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metal tea infuser spoon

I love tea! In the morning, I drink either hot coffee or hot tea, depending on my mood.  I used to use the tea in the tea bags, until I discovered the tea infuser spoon (pictured above).

The tea infuser spoon makes it so easy to use the loose-leaf tea (the tea that’s not in the tea bags).  Loose-leaf tea is generally tastier and has higher quality than the tea in the tea bags.  There are also more choices for gourmet teas sold as loose-leaf.  Also, loose-leaf tea is cheaper than the same kind of tea packaged in tea bags.

Before I discovered the tea infuser spoon, brewing the loose-leaf tea was so complicated that I simply didn’t feel like dealing with it in the mornings.  Brewing a single cup of loose-leaf tea using the tea infuser spoon is as easy as dumping the tea bag in a cup!  I got my tea infuser spoon for a whopping $2, at the store section where they the spatulas, whisks, garlic presses and other little cooking tools.

Here’s how to use the tea infuser spoon –

First, bring a cup of water to a boil in a microwave.

Next, open the container with the loose-leaf tea:

loose leaf tea in a container

Squeeze the sides of the tea infuser spoon handle with your fingers to OPEN the tea infuser:

open the tea infuser spoon

Scoop the tea out of a jar with the opened tea infuser spoon, then loosen your hand grip to close the tea infuser spoon:

loose leaf tea inside the tea infuser spoon

Put the tea infuser spoon with the tea inside in a cup of boiling water, and let brew 3-5 minutes.

brewing tea with a tea infuser spoon

Enjoy your freshly brewed hot tea!

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  1. I have a spoon almost exactly like yours from my grandmother. It must be at least as old as I am. We don’t use it often.


  2. My tea infuser is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets too! I just bought some loose blood orange chai tea that I can’t wait to try…

  3. I totally agree that loose tea is better in every sense than teabags! I don’t drink coffee anymore but I do drink 3 to 5 cups of tea a day. I use a infuser that has a ring sits on the rim of the cup with the infuser basket inside the cup. It’s so cool and works very much like your infusion spoon. Great gadget both of them!

  4. i love my tea and I agree 200% that this tea infuser is a blessing for tea loversssss.
    I love to blend some type 2 different types of tea leaves for added flavor, trust me this comes really handy..

    P.S You have got a really beautiful website here dear, I am glad that now i know it.

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