Tazo Focus Black Tea

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tazo focus black tea package

Tazo Focus black is a very tasty black tea that is a perfect day to start your morning.  True to its name, Tazo Focus helps you get focused for the day – the black tea with unique herbs tastes so invigorating.

Tazo Teas is owned by Starbucks.  Starbucks knows their drinks – they make great coffee, and they also make great tea as Tazo teas.  Tazo Focus black tea has a very unique, complex and deep taste that I really enjoy.

Tazo Focus black tea is part of Tazo Well-Being line of teas.  Here’s the description for the Tazo Focus package: “A cleverly invigorating mix of black tea, roasted yerba mate, orange essence and cocoa peel”.

The ingredients of Tazo Focus black tea are: black tea, lemon balm, chicory, cocoa peels, roasted yerba mate, rose petals, cirus essence oil, rosemary and natural flavor.   The caffeine content of Tazo Focus black tea is like other black teas – around 70 mg of caffeine per cup.

Each package of Tazo Focus black tea has 16 tea bags.  Each bag also has an individual paper wrapper, to keep it super fresh. To make the tea, pour a cup of boiling water over the tea bag and seep for 5 minutes.

Here’s the picture of the individual tea bag of Tazo Focus black tea:

tazo focus black tea teabag

Here’s this teabag opened from the wrapper:

tazo teabag

Here’s a brewed cup of Tazo Focus black tea:

cup of tazo tea brewed

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