Tazo Om Organic Green Tea Blend

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tazo om green and black tea

Tazo Om tea is a blend of green and black teas, and it’s really tasty!   Just as the “Om” chant from yoga, Tazo Om tea calms you and invokes your consciousness.  The package describes this Tazo tea as a “meditative, organic blend with flavors of peach and cucumber”.

In the Tazo Om tea, the predominant flavor is that of green tea.  It looks like a green tea and tastes like a green tea.  In fact, until I examined the package closely and noticed that it’s a blend of both kinds of teas, I thought it was a pure green tea.  Now that I know that Tazo Om has some black tea in it, I notice that its flavor it more complex that a simple green tea – a blend of green and black teas gives it a deeper, more interesting flavor.

Here’s a description of the Tazo Om tea from the box: “Organic TAZO OM is made with the imaginative combinatino of flowery green teas and nutty black tea, blended with the flavors of crisp cucumbers and sweet peaches.  It is said that to merely utter the mantra “om” releases a vibration of inner peace.  Imagine what happens when you drink it”.

Tazo Om tea is organic, and here are its ingredients: organic derjeeling green and black teas and natural flavors of cucumber and peach.  Tazo Om tea is has individually packaged teabags – each teabag is individually sealed, so it stays fresh!

Here’s the photo of the Tazo Om individual teabag package:

tazo om green tea teabag

And here’s the picture of freshly brewed cup of Tazo Om tea – ready to be enjoyed!

tazo om green tea in a cup

Tazo Om tea is so soothing, it’s a great choice for an afternoon or evening tea.  Try this tea with lemon and honey – yum!

Also, check out Tazo Focus Black Tea and Tazo Vanilla Apricot White tea – I love Tazo teas, they are so good!


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